Yard Armour Mosquito Control Services

Yard Armour® services keep mosquitos and ticks at bay.

Having the lawn of your dreams isn’t just about the grass and the landscaping. It is about being able to enjoy your yard, without mosquitos, ticks, and other harmful and annoying insects ruining your fun.

With Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour pest control services, you get the absolute best in mosquito control and tick control treatment to allow your family and pets to enjoy the outdoors.


Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitos can carry potentially life-threatening diseases such as West Nile, Zika virus, encephalitis, chikungunya, dengue and yellow fever. With Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour Mosquito Control services we can help control mosquitos and give you the chance to enjoy your yard without worry.

Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour Mosquito Control services work to reduce the mosquito populations around your yard and eliminate any potential mosquito breeding areas around your home. We focus treating areas of your property where mosquitoes breed so you can help keep your family protected from mosquitos.

Yard Armour Special Event Programs

Wedding, Sweet 16, Annual Pool Party, Having the Boss Over? You want your special day remembered for how much fun it was, not the annoying mosquitoes. Our Yard Armour Special Event Programs will work to make sure your outdoor setting is mosquito-free. Whether it’s your wedding, a graduation party or any other important event, our one-time mosquito control treatments can help make sure it’s memorable for all of the right reasons.

All Natural Programs

Lawn Doctor also offers Yard Armour Natural Mosquito Control applications. Because of our commitment to protecting the environment, Lawn Doctor gives customers the option of chemical-free mosquito control treatments that are safe and effective. Your local Yard Armour technician will be able to help you choose the program that is best for you and your property.

To learn more about our special event sprays and mosquito control services contact us today.

Tick Control Services

As more homes are built near wooded areas, ticks are becoming an increasing problem in local yards. Ticks burrow into their victims and are difficult to remove from your body as well as your yard. But Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour Tick Control service can help significantly reduce ticks before they become a danger to your family and pets. Our tick control program includes:

  • Tick Prevention: We will first advise you on the best ways to keep ticks out of your yard.
  • Tick Control: Yard Armour tick control provides a protective barrier  around your property against ticks.
  • Ongoing Tick Treatments: We will re-apply our treatments, as needed, to keep ticks out.

Your local Yard Armour technician knows the types of ticks common in your area, and can teach you the best ways to protect your yard from ticks.

IPortrait of a woman with her beautiful dog lying outdoorsn addition to our natural mosquito control services, Lawn Doctor also provides Yard Armour® Natural Tick Control services for homeowners who want to enjoy a yard free of ticks with the use of all natural products.


The Yard Armour Guarantee

All Yard Armour services are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Contact us today and ask about our Yard Armour Mosquito and Tick Control services.


*Not Available at all Franchise Locations.