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Power Seeding

Lawn Doctor’s expert power lawn seeding services will get you the green lawn you’ve been dreaming about. Our experienced lawn specialists will guide you in choosing the right seed mixture for your lawn and ensure your lawn is properly prepped. Seeding grass with our state of the art equipment promotes strong roots and thick, beautiful turf. Imagine what 1.5 million grass seeds per 1,000 square feet could do for your lawn.* A beautiful lawn starts with high-quality grass seed and professional seeding. Find a service that does lawn seeding near me.

What is Power Seeding?

The name says it all. Power Seeding is about using precise state of the art equipment to literally sow seeds directly into the soil on your lawn without damaging your existing grass. Getting grass seeds to grow comes down to one important component – seed to soil contact. Lawn Doctor’s Turf Tamer Power Seeder combines the new seed with your lawn’s soil for the best possible results. Simply throwing seeds on top of bare spots doesn’t cut it. You end up with a very low germination rate typically around 10%. In other words, just one in every ten seeds will grow. But with our power seeding grass process and equipment, your germination rate will be over 90%.

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We'll return at no charge or refund the full costs of your last application.

Seeding a Lawn with Turf Tamer

The benefits of power seeding.

  1. Consistent Seed Distribution

    Turf Tamer Power Seeder uses ground-metered technology to make sure your lawn is evenly seeded, ensuring no sparse or clumpy patches,rows, or patterns.

  2. Strong Seed-to-Soil Contact

    You’ll see thicker, healthier results through excellent seed-to-soil contact.

  3. Non-Damaging Application

    Turf Tamer has been designed to minimize damage to your lawn’s existing turf when applying seed.

When it comes to power seeding, the right equipment makes all the difference. We have our own proprietary line of grass seeder equipment that we manufacture ourselves in the United States and is unmatched in delivery and results. Our Turf Tamer Power Seeder Technology will make sure your lawn receives the precise amount of seed it needs to thrive and in a way that best ensures that these seeds will germinate.

Power Seeding FAQ's

Get some of your most common questions answered about lawn seeding and aeration

When should I consider power seeding?

One of the strengths of power seeding grass is how efficient it is in getting results. Power seeding is best used when the overall condition of your lawn is looking thin, bare and over stressed. Power seeding may also be the best option in cases where weeds are rampant or animals and insects have damaged your lawn.

Power seeding can quickly restore a thin damaged lawn to the thick, lush and healthy lawn you want and with the precise method being used, less grass seed is needed. As always, our lawn experts can help you decide what will be the best method for revitalizing your grass, and with our state-of-the-art Turf Tamer Power Seeder, we can get your lawn looking better and healthier very quickly.

Choosing the Right Mixture for Seeding Grass

Selecting the right mixture of grass seed makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining your lawn’s color, appearance and long-term health. Our expert knowledge of grass species, local growing conditions, and lawn maintenance needs will help us choose a grass seed mixture that’s right for your property.

Should I Combine Lawn Seeding & Aeration?

Seeding grass is a useful technique for getting a healthy lawn. Lawn aeration is an essential part of lawn health as well. Combine the two and you’ll get a combination that works together to produce a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

When soil becomes compacted, the lawn struggles to take in oxygen, water, and critical nutrients needed to grow properly. A well-aerated lawn, on the other hand, gives fresh seeds a better chance to absorb nutrients and develop stronger roots. In the same way that farmer plows and turns over a field every year, your lawn needs to have the soil conditions enhanced through aeration.

Contact your local Lawn Doctor to learn about how your lawn could benefit from combining lawn seeding with lawn aeration services. Lawn Doctor offers core aeration, which – when coupled with seeding – can multiply the effectiveness of lawn maintenance and let your grass grow thicker and greener than ever.

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is another method to reseed a lawn, where grass seed is simply broadcast over the top of your existing lawn. Unlike with Lawn Doctor’s power seeding service, there is very little seed to soil contact. Overseeding typically results in low germination of the new grass seed and will not produce the same thick lush lawn that power seeding can provide.

What time of year should I consider seeding?

Timing is everything when it comes to lawn care. Generally speaking, late summer to early fall is the time when you’ll want to think the most about planting new grass seeds in your yard. Every type of lawn is different, though, and there are times when planting in early spring can bring big benefits. The timing will also depend on your region and weather conditions you’ve had in your area over the previous months.

If you’re thinking of seeding or re-seeding a law, contact Lawn Doctor and ask about our lawn seeding services.

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