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Seeding your lawn is an integral part of having the yard of your dreams. Lawn Doctor’s lawn seeding services will make sure your lawn is properly seeded in order to create the lush, full grass you always wanted. Call your local Lawn Doctor professional to find out more about our effective seeding services. Types of seeding treatments we offer Our seeding services incorporate all three methods of seed application treatments:
  • Lawn renovation: Completely putting in a new lawn, whether it is for a new home, or for an existing lawn that is being completely redone.
  • Spot seeding: Seeding bare patches on the lawn, can fix specific areas, such as those damaged by pet urine, disease, pests, or wear and tear.
  • Overseeding: This will refresh your lawn with new, young, blades of grass, to help make a lawn look lush and green.
Planting the right type of grass Your Lawn Doctor professional can help you determine which type of grass will work well not just for your area’s climate and weather patterns, but for your yard itself. Since our technicians live and work in the areas they cover, they are experts on what the best types of grass are for your area. If you currently have a high-maintenance grass that doesn’t fit your active lifestyle, and it constantly develops bald patches, it might be worth it to renovate your lawn with new seed, as opposed to filling in those patches. Talk with your Lawn Doctor technician to see what makes the most sense for you. When should you seed your lawn? There are optimal times of the year when it is best to start seeding your lawn. This will depend upon the type of grass you have, and whether it is a warm-season or cool-season grass. While seeding can technically happen any time of the  year, seeding at the wrong times can lead to weeds growing along with your grass. The ideal time for seeding your lawn if it is a warm-season grass is the period from spring through summer; as it grows best in those seasons and will go dormant in the winter. For cool-season grasses, the best time to seed is late summer through fall; although it can also be planted in the spring as well. How to prepare your lawn before seeding You will need to have your soil prepared first before you start seeding. That may mean checking the current pH level to make sure that it is correctly balanced. You may also need to have any thatch buildup removed to allow the seeds to grow, and to aerate your soil to make sure it can access much needed nutrients. In addition, you may need to have the yard treated for weeds beforehand, just to make sure that they don’t sprout up when the grass does. Your Lawn Doctor professional will let you know whether your soil will need these applications before your seeding treatment Mowing before seeding Generally speaking, you should never mow your lawn to cut off more than one third of the grass at a time. Any more is sometimes referred to as “scalping”. However, the one time you should “scalp” your lawn is before seeding, like when overseeding a lawn. That will mean maximum exposure to the soil for the seeds, which will lead to a lusher, thicker lawn. Make sure to first check with your local Lawn Doctor technician for recommendations on the best techniques for mowing before seeding. How our seeding services work Lawn Doctor can take you through all the steps involved in properly seeding your yard, whether it’s before seeding occurs; from soil preparation and balancing, to weed control and lawn aeration services. The actual seeding treatment itself; which can be applied using a fertilizer to ensure maximum growth, or even post-seeding; giving you the directions for how to maintain results after seeding.
Whether you just need a few patches fixed, some seeding done, or a full lawn renovation, Lawn Doctor’s Seeding Services can help. Contact your local Lawn Doctor technician today to learn more.