Commitment To Lawn Service

From products to processes, Lawn Doctor is committed to developing sustainable solutions that ultimately beautify the earth as well as your personal piece of it. (In fact, our whole company functions on the truth that a well-kept lawn helps improve the environment – for more information, see Why Does My Lawn Matter.) To learn about the five facets of our safety and sustainability commitment read about it below and check out our Environmental Stewardship page.


You, your family, your pets, your friends and our professionals – everyone’s safety is top of mind when we select our products and develop our application processes. We train all our professionals to follow safety guidelines whether its machine operation, product handling, application or disposal. Questions? Just ask us.


Did you know our applicators are designed for accurate applications every time? (We call it a ground metering system). Ground metering ensures the right amount of product is applied to the target area and end up where they’re supposed to – in your soil rather than a storm drain.


When selecting products to provide results for your lawn, we also consider long-term environmental impact. Our products are also the most people- and pet-friendly available in the industry. We also offer natural and organic options.


Responsible handling and application is based on science and experience. Not only do we follow manufacturer guidelines and best practices, all our professionals leverage their knowledge of the local climate and soil conditions as well as personal experience to ensure our targeted applications are applied at the best times. Buying in bulk and servicing multiple lawns also helps ensure minimal waste and avoid disposal issues.


Our company was founded on our invention of the first patented automated lawn care machine in the industry. Now our innovation stretches in new directions; we’ve established partnerships to design effective products that make your lawn green in the “greenest” way possible. That machine sparked a lifetime of dedication to creating solutions for better lawns, better business practices, and a better environment.

Lawn Doctor is committed to both the lawns and people of today as well as the world of tomorrow.