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For homeowners, fire ants not only pose a danger to your lawn’s turf and plants; they are also a danger to people and pets. Fire ants are highly aggressive and territorial, and you are most likely to suffer an attack if you inadvertently disturb a nest mound.

When a nest is disturbed, an immediate, orchestrated assault is triggered – not unlike an encounter with a wasp nest. The ants emerge en masse, to swarm your legs and choose their attack sites. They clamp their barbed mandibles into your skin, bend their abdomens into a stinging position, and then drive their stingers repeatedly, injecting a venomous brew of alkaloids and proteins. Each sting feels like a hot spark, and usually requires first aid.

Fire ant stings are particularly dangerous for people with allergies, who may experience anaphylactic shock. For these reasons, Lawn Doctor recommends that homeowners choose professional fire ant control instead of attempting to treat infestations on their own.

To protect your lawn and family against fire ants, choose fire ant control services from Lawn Doctor. Our fire ant control experts respond to infestations with quick and effective treatments, making it easy to take back your yard from this invasive menace – guaranteed.

Dealing with Fire Ants

As any homeowner who’s tangled with fire ants can tell you, a fire ant infestation is no small problem. Fire ant colonies cause turf damage, and can seriously disturb your lawn’s ecosystem. What’s more, fire ants are known for being far more aggressive than other species of ants, sometimes attacking and killing small animals that they consider a threat.

Your Local Fire Ant Control Experts

As one of the most resilient and aggressive pests to take up residence in your lawn, fire ants demand professional treatment. Lawn Doctor provides comprehensive and guaranteed fire ant control services your lawn needs to rid your turf and soil of a fire ant infestation. Our experts only ever use high-grade, high-effectiveness treatment materials, and our teams have the expertise and experience to target fire ants with exacting precision.

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