Stop spraying your kids & start spraying your yard.

Mosquito bites are miserable – but getting sick is a whole lot worse.

The growing threat of mosquito-borne diseases is making people wonder if they should spend time outdoors at all.

The good news is, If you’ve got mosquitos, we’ve got answers.

Why use Lawn Doctor’s mosquito control services?

Targeted Treatments: Our applications focus especially on areas where mosquitos live and breed

Proven Results: Our treatments will reduce the mosquito population in your yard and help protect you and your family from nuisance and disease

Local Expertise: Our Lawn Doctor business is locally owned and operated. We live nearby, and know the factors that impact the mosquito population where you live.

. An End to Repellent Spray on Your Kids: Spray your yard, not your kids. We go after mosquitoes where they live and sleep.


Guarantee: We’ll reservice any time if you see mosquitoes between treatments.**


Contact us today. Don’t let mosquitos keep you inside this summer.

CALL today or check out control to learn more.



*No control program can eliminate mosquitoes and ticks completely. The Yard Armour services of local Lawn Doctor franchise businesses will reduce mosquito and tick populations in treated areas. No franchisee or any affiliate makes any expressed or implied guarantee regarding vector-borne health risks to humans or animals. Exposure to disease can occur in uncontrolled areas.

** If you are not satisfied with the result of the application, we’ll either return and reapply that application at no additional charge or refund the full cost our last application. Certain restrictions may apply.