Lawn Aeration Services & Guide to Core Aeration

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Lawn aeration is essential to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. In the same way that a farmer’s field is plowed every year, your lawn needs to be aerated, usually in the spring and fall. Aeration is needed due to thatch buildup and soil compaction. These two issues can be caused by a number of things including heavy use of your yard or waterlogged soil. When soil compacts, your lawn’s roots struggle to get oxygen and water, or find much-needed nutrients, causing shallow roots and reduced thickness and growth.

Lawn Doctor’s professional lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year-round.

How to Make the Most of Core Aeration

Our local aeration experts recommend core aeration when the soil is moist, so make sure you water your lawn a day or two before starting the aeration process. Be careful not to water your yard too much before aerating. Having a lawn with thatch that’s too dry or wet can cause issues with your lawn aerator. Sometimes, it’s optimal for many people to seed the lawn at the time the lawn is aerated.
When people choose to aerate their turf on their own, common mistakes can occur. One example is aerating the lawn too frequently. Many people seem to think that since aerating is good, doing it often is better. However, frequent core aeration can actually damage the health of your lawn by damaging the roots.
After using an aerator on the lawn, the thatch and soil plugs could fall back into the holes. To prevent this, some people will actually try to fill the holes with sand. These holes should remain open to allow water, air and nutrients into the root zone. It’s best to leave the plugs alone in the grass to break down and give extra nutrients to the lawn.
Timing is everything in lawn care and those who improperly time core aeration may disrupt the grass growth process. Lawn Doctor recommends that you do not aerate any areas of your lawn during drought stress. This will only further increase the damage to your lawn.

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