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A grub problem can cause serious damage to the health, appearance, and natural defenses of your lawn. Grubs love to feed on the roots of your grass, and even a handful of grubs can lead to serious damage. If you’ve spotted grubs in your lawn, take action and protect your turf with grub control services from Lawn Doctor. Our experts target and treat existing grubs, saving your lawn from long-term damage, and can help your lawn recover from any damage already caused by grubs.

Grubs & Your Lawn

Grubs are one of the most damaging types of lawn pests – but just what are these tiny, c-shaped critters? Grubs are the immature form (aka larvae) of scarab beetles. These beetles often lay their eggs in lawns, burying eggs beneath the soil surface. When those eggs hatch, hungry grubs come out and start to feed on your lawn’s roots. Without a robust root structure, your grass will die.

If your grass is already sparse or thinning, grubs can cause severe damage in a matter of days or weeks. Thicker grass – thanks to its resilient root structure – often lasts longer, but will still see serious damage over time, particularly if there is a high grub count. Grubs can also be the cause of turf damage caused by small and medium-sized animals, like skunks, that will tear up your lawn’s soil to feed on grubs.

Your Local Grub Control Specialists

Our Grub Prevention Program offers homeowners a quick and highly effective solution to grub infestations. This cost-effective program will immediately reduce the population of grubs in the soil. Our grub control applications also keep your lawn protected, offering long-lasting, residual protection against sub-surface insects.

For lawns with severe damage, we have a wide range of turf care services that can help you restore damaged areas of your lawn.

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