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A grub problem can cause serious damage to the health, appearance, and natural defenses of your lawn. Grubs attack the roots of your grass, and even a handful of grubs can lead to serious damage over time. If you’ve spotted patches of dead or diseased grass this could be an indication there are grubs on your lawn. If you think you may have grubs, give us a call and we can come out and take a look. Our experts will target and treat existing grubs, saving your lawn from long-term damage, and can help your lawn recover from any damage already caused by grubs.

Where do grubs come from?

Grubs are one of the most damaging types of lawn pests – but just what are these tiny, elusive, c-shaped critters? Grubs are the immature form (aka larvae) of scarab beetles. These beetles lay their eggs in lawns, burying eggs beneath the soil surface. When those eggs hatch, hungry grubs tunnel just below the surface and feed on your lawn’s roots. Without a robust root structure, your grass will die. If your lawn is already healthy and lush, a few grubs probably won’t harm it too much. A higher concentration of them, however, can certainly lead to bigger problems. Even in cases of only a few grubs, you may have cause for concern if your lawn isn’t in a very healthy state. If your grass is already sparse or thinning, grubs can cause severe damage in a matter of days or weeks. Thicker grass – thanks to its resilient root structure – often lasts longer, but will still see serious damage over time, particularly if there is a high grub count. Grubs can also be the cause of turf damage caused by small and medium-sized animals, like skunks, that will tear up your lawn’s soil to feed on grubs. Yeah its true, skunks love grubs but to get at them they make a mess of your lawn.

Signs Your Lawn Has Grubs

So how do you know if your yard has become infested with grubs? One of the first signs of a grub problem is when you notice that parts of your yard have started to die off, leaving brown patches and wilting grass. The presence of dying grass on its own isn’t evidence of grubs, but it would call for further investigation. Even more worrying would be if the ground feels unusually soft while you walk on it with a little extra give than usual. As noted above, another possible sign of a grub infested lawn is if it has indications of parts of it being dug up. This is caused by animals which are trying to get at those grubs to eat. They’ll claw through the ground to find this food source, but that could end up destroying your grass. Getting rid of the grubs would essentially eliminate the magnet that’s drawing the creatures to your yard. A sure sign your lawn has grubs is getting visual confirmation of it, but that’s not always easy to do since grubs rarely appear on the surface. Use a shovel to dig up a section of your lawn where you suspect the grubs may be, be sure to check a few spots. If you see the white grubs in the soil, then you know without a doubt that the problem is real. That’s when you call our lawn care experts to help you get rid of the infestation.

How do I get rid of grubs in my lawn?

Our Grub Prevention Program offers homeowners a quick and highly effective solution to grub infestations. This cost-effective program will immediately reduce, if not eliminate the population of grubs in the lawn. Sometimes, a yard grub infestation can go undetected, leading to widespread damage to your yard in a relatively short time span. For lawns with severe damage, we’ve got you covered and have turf care services that can help you restore damaged areas of your lawn. Best of all, our services are custom tailored to handle the unique challenges of your lawn. No matter your lawn’s situation, we’ll be able to offer our expertise to ensure your lawn is looking healthy, thick and green – at a great price. In addition to preventive grub control, we also offer services such as power seeding, soil enrichment, lawn core aeration, mole control, pH balancing, and more. No matter what may be happening with your lawn, Lawn Doctor can help you out. All Lawn Doctor services are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Fight Back Against Grubs with Lawn Doctor

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