Natural Tick Control

Many homeowners have started looking for environmentally-friendly practices when tending to their yards and when trying to get rid of dangerous pests, like ticks. Fortunately for the “green” homeowner, Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour® natural tick control services are eco-friendly and are an alternative to traditional tick control programs.

Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour® natural tick control services offer a range of all-natural control treatments for those who want to enjoy a tick-free yard with the use of natural products.

Yard Armour’s® green approach to tick control

At Lawn Doctor we know how important it is to offer alternatives to our customers. Our natural tick treatments are applied around your property working to reduce and repel any nearby ticks. Each natural Yard Armour® treatment delivers eco-friendly applications that will keep ticks away from your yard, your family, and your pets

To learn more about the Yard Armour® natural approach to tick control call your local Lawn Doctor at 800-845-0580 or fill out a contact form and ask about our chemical-free treatment options.

Before your Yard Armour® technician arrives there are things you can do without the use of chemicals to help prevent ticks from getting into your yard.

Regular lawn maintenance

An important part of tick control is practicing regular and proper lawn maintenance. Keeping your grass healthy and cared for can reduce the chance of ticks. Some examples of these include cutting your grass at the right length, getting rid of leaf litter and keeping your trees pruned. Each of these is important to the health of your lawn but also in the prevention of ticks. Make sure to consult your local Lawn Doctor professional for the best way to maintain a lawn that will discourage ticks.

Construct a tick barrier

If your property is near woodlands, a three-foot wide barrier of wood chips or gravel at the edges of your lawn will discourage ticks from entering. The tick barrier will also serve as a reminder to people that entering the woods increases tick risk.

Protect or modify areas that are most often used

  • Ticks tend to avoid areas that are sunny. Ideally, these are the areas on your lawn your family and pets use most frequently use. 
  • If you have children’s play areas such as a sand box or swing set, make sure they are not placed adjacent to woodlands.  
  • If people travel back and forth on certain parts of the lawn, think about creating a paved or gravel path. 
  • Ticks like damp areas, so more drought-resistant plants will make your lawn less hospitable to them, and also less hospitable to deer.

Your local Lawn Doctor can help walk you through your tick control options and offer recommendations on natural tick treatments for your yard.

The Yard Armour® natural tick control program

The only way to be sure that ticks won’t threaten your yard or your family is to consult a professional tick control service, like the services available through Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour® tick control program. Our experienced technicians know how to create an environment that will repel ticks around your home. Our Satisfaction Guarantee also helps you enjoy a tick free lawn all season.If at any time you are dissatisfied with your yard treatments, we will work to reapply treatments or supply a refund the amount of your last service.

To learn more about how Yard Armour® can help naturally stop ticks and other pests from ruining your yard, call us at 800-845-0580 or fill out a contact form and speak to your local Lawn Doctor today.



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