Lawn Doctor Vs. TruGreen: Which solution Is Better for You?

The right lawn care service can transform your yard from sparse and damaged to a healthy, lush, and vibrant green. You can choose an ongoing package that provides routine maintenance or opt for a one-time treatment to address a single issue. Lawncare companies offer expert advice and services to save you time and get you the results you want. The question is, which lawn care service should you choose? The top choices are Lawn Doctor and TruGreen. Find out more about each one to determine which is right for you.

Lawn Doctor Vs. TruGreen Overview

These lawn care companies provide a wide range of essential lawn services to maintain a healthy and gorgeous yard. They do not, however, offer landscaping services.

While TruGreen is the biggest company with more outlets, Lawn Doctor’s franchises are locally-owned, giving you more personalized service and customizable plans. They both have their benefits and drawbacks. TruGreen, as the largest company, is available in 49 states. Lawn Doctor isn’t as widely available, with franchises in 38 states.

Although Lawn Doctor is a smaller company, it focuses highly on providing excellent value to its customers. Their services are provided a la carte, so you can choose from non-chemical solutions while avoiding paying for services you don’t want or require. TruGreen may have several service plans to choose from, but most services are bundled together, so you may pay more for something you don’t even need.

How Lawn Doctor & TruGreen Are Similar

Cost is one of the most significant considerations that customers have when selecting a lawn care service. You naturally want the highest quality possible at an affordable rate that fits your budget. Both of these lawn care services state that they offer excellent lawn services that are reasonably priced. They have several packages to choose from. With each company, you can select from several packages, but the final rate depends upon the size of your lawn and the specific services you need.

Professional lawn care services employ highly trained individuals capable of identifying the root of the problem to offer you a solution that will restore your lawn and deliver results. It can be challenging to determine lawn problems, especially if you don’t have the training and experience. Guesswork often leads to additional issues and wastes your time and money. Create the most beautiful lawn with the help and advice of professionals.

How Lawn Doctor & TruGreen Are Different

Businesses such as Lawn Doctor that are owned by local community members tend to put forth more effort to make sure you are satisfied with their services. They understand the importance of customer satisfaction and the considerable impact on their success. This keeps them invested in offering only the best care for your lawn.

Lawn Doctor will work directly with you to customize your lawn care plan with the services and treatments you need. They focus on keeping your lawn healthy, your preferences, and what you aim to achieve.

Another big difference that sets Lawn Doctor apart from other lawn care companies is their 100% guarantee, which is the best in the business.

Lawn Doctor Services and Treatments

When you choose Lawn Doctor, you can select from several plan options. They offer yearly plans to get your lawn ready for summer and keep it in top shape. Or, prepare for a big event you are hosting by reseeding thin areas and eliminating bothersome pests. The full range of services include:

You can request a free lawn evaluation to have one of their lawn experts examine your lawn to identify problem areas and figure out the best solutions to rectify the issues.

We’re Biased, but Here’s Why You Should Choose Lawn Doctor

If you want customized lawn care based on your needs and preferences, Lawn Doctor is a fantastic choice. They use a scientific approach and high-quality treatments to give you exceptional value.

When you choose Lawn Doctor, you opt to work with a locally-owned company. Every franchise is owned and operated by someone that lives near you. Instead of being just another customer number to a big chain business that provides standardized services, Lawn Doctor’s expert team knows and understands the local area. They know the local weather patterns and soil types. This makes it much easier for them to evaluate your lawn issues and provide you with a diagnosis and plan of action to correct your problems and help your lawn thrive.

One of the biggest reasons to choose Lawn Doctor is the unmatched guarantee. Each franchise is committed to providing excellent services that leave you fully satisfied with the results you see. If you aren’t satisfied, they will make it right. Lawn Doctor will either return to treat your lawn again at no cost to you, or they will refund the price of your latest treatment. This guarantee ensures that Lawn Doctor is fully invested in their services and provides you with the highest value and quality possible.

Attention to detail, personalized approach, and risk-free guarantee have made Lawn Doctor a favorite of their customers for more than 50 years. For these reasons, they have the highest customer retention rate in the industry. Once you try Lawn Doctor, you won’t want to give up the fantastic quality and results you receive.

If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll make it right. It's that simple.

We'll return at no charge or refund the full costs of your last application.