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The healthier your soil, the healthier your lawn.

As the name indicates, soil enrichment is all about boosting soil quality. Fertile soil is a very important component for growing healthy and green lawns and landscapes. Soil enrichment improves root penetration and soil water retention, making regular watering more effective. It reduces damaging soil salts from the root zone and improves soil aeration and also reduces the accumulation of thatch. Thatch is a layer of living and dead organic material that can potentially block oxygen absorption in the lawn, which can harm growth. By reducing thatch, your lawn will absorb oxygen better while also enhancing your lawn’s natural resistance to lawn pests and diseases.

As soil ages so do their physical properties and performance. Did you know the aging process and impact is different in various areas and microclimates? Soil Enrichment can not only help improve your soil’s performance it will also help improve the appearance and defense of your lawn against diseases and insects.

Lawn Doctor has well-balanced fertilizer programs designed to enhance the appearance and performance of your lawn. The Lawn Doctor Maintainer Program will provide the essential nutrients to your lawn at the precise time based on your region. A percent of these nutrients may be locked up in the soil and unavailable to your lawn. Soil Enrichment is the solution. 

By adding Lawn Doctors Soil Enrichment program to your service it will improve your soils physical properties and microbial activity while enhancing the uptake of fertilizer and making nutrients more available to the plants. Grass plants rely on soil microorganisms to mineralize nutrients for growth and development. Soil microbes cycle nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur to allow quick and efficient uptake through the plants’ roots. This will aid in the defense against environmental and mechanical stresses such as mower injury, human traffic, disease pressure, drought stress, as well as gardens and lawns carrying new soil structure. Soil Enrichment will create a healthy soil which you will notice a more vibrant, thick, healthy lawn.

There are millions of bacteria and fungi living in your soil, and all of this life and organic material is what helps the grass grow. Without tilling or aeration, eventually, the soil will become stagnant and lifeless because it lacks the nutrients and oxygen needed to nurture plant life. The question is how to add nutrients to the soil without just adding a little compost or using the typical methods that increase weeds and harm the soil. The solution: to create this healthy soil without harming your lawn is soil enrichment.

Lawn Doctor’s soil enrichment program improves the structure of your lawn’s soil and stimulates a stronger and healthier root system to deliver a thicker, greener, more resilient lawn. It helps lawns look better, stay healthier and recover faster from harsh weather conditions. Lawn Doctor frequently recommends that you amplify the quality of your lawn’s root system by taking advantage of our soil enrichment program, to get the most out of every Lawn Maintainer Care application. 

Lawn Doctor’s Soil Enrichment Services

  • Soil Enrichment is a fertilizer catalyst that makes fertilizer more efficient by conditioning the soil to allow more nutrients into the grass and improve grass health
  • Creates a stronger and healthier root system so that the grass can better withstand stress. Stress can mean anything from heat and drought to lawn insects, disease and more, and it can harm the root system without service. 
  • Loosens the soil and reduces thatch (an alternative to mechanical core aeration), which helps bring soil to the sunlight it needs and improve oxygen absorption.
  • Increases grass nutrient absorption, so your lawn is absorbing all of the nutrients it needs.
  • Improves soil water retention so you can water less and save more water
  • It improves the lawn’s stress tolerance and can be applied in conjunction with lawn maintainer services.

Soil enrichment services work best before the heat of the summer and in the spring. Lawn Doctor’s soil enrichment program includes three applications per year and is generally performed in conjunction with our Lawn Maintainer Care Services for optimal results.

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