Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes, those insects that bite people and can turn a nice evening in your yard into a nightmare, are more than just a nuisance. They can be a real danger to your home and your health if they are not controlled. Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour® natural mosquito control service is an alternative method that will reduce mosquitoes through treatments.  

We know that many homeowners prefer a ‘green’ approach to mosquito control, and we are happy to provide a variety of natural treatments that will reduce mosquitoes and provide a protective barrier for your yard. It is our unwavering commitment to keeping the environment safe that was the reason behind our natural mosquito control services.

Over 69 million people each year get diseases transmitted by mosquito bites! So if your yard has mosquitoes, you need to take care of the issue quickly and effectively.

To learn more about the Yard Armour natural mosquito control services call your local Lawn Doctor at 800-845-0580 or fill out a contact form and ask about our chemical-free treatment options.

Yard Armour natural mosquito control services

Our natural mosquito treatments protects your entire property to keep the mosquitoes at bay without putting the environment at risk.  Each of our treatments offers an effective and eco-friendly application that reduce mosquitoes without risk to the environment.

The Yard Armour Guarantee

Yard Armour Services are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Lawn Doctor understands that many customers prefer a more natural method for not just treating their lawns, but also for stopping mosquitoes from ruining their enjoyment of the outdoors!

This is why Lawn Doctor offers a variety of natural methods of mosquito control with its Yard Armour service, which can stop adult mosquitoes from biting and breeding. No matter what your mosquito pest control needs, Lawn Doctor can meet them.

Natural mosquito control you can do yourself

While it is hard to ever eliminate mosquitoes forever, there are a variety of green mosquito control products available for homeowners. One natural method involves using a carbon dioxide trap to catch mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to people and animals’ carbon dioxide – it is how they are able to sense that fresh “targets” are available. The carbon dioxide trap uses that information to attract and trap mosquitoes. However, this type of product can be expensive, and has varying degrees of success.

Most available in-home control treatments can often be ineffective or a short term solution at best. For ongoing mosquito control that will not put you or the environment at risk, call your local Yard Armour professional at 800-845-0580.

How to control mosquitoes by source reduction

It is critically important not to have standing water around. After all, such areas literally are breeding grounds for pests – some mosquito breeds need as little as a teaspoon of water in order to breed! Water can accumulate in your yard due to things like leaky plumbing and air conditioning runoff. Even things like dog bowls and bird baths can be targets for mosquitoes, so do your best to regularly change the water to keep the opportunities for the mosquitoes to breed to a minimum.

Because of our experience and vast knowledge of mosquito behavior, our Yard Armour technicians will be able to find and treat the areas of your yard you may have overlooked.

If you have areas in your yard where puddles form, talk with your Lawn Doctor professional about how to eliminate these potential breeding grounds.

To learn more about how Yard Armour lawn insect control can help naturally stop mosquitoes and other pests from ruining your yard, call us at 800-845-0580 or fill out a contact form and speak to your local Lawn Doctor today.


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