Green Grass

Lawn Doctor’s Secret to Healthy, Green Grass

There’s no mistaking the beauty of healthy, thick, green grass. Lawn Doctor lawn care services are designed to give your home the lush, vibrant turf that every homeowner dreams of. Our secret? The right grass, the right nutrients, and proper airflow. Our local lawn care experts know their area’s growing conditions inside and out, and know exactly what your lawn needs to make beautiful, green grass a reality.

Professional Fertilization for Lush, Green Grass

When it comes to the appearance of your lawn, nothing matters as much as proper fertilization. Grass needs particular nutrients – in particular amounts – in order to thrive. Choosing the wrong fertilizer, fertilizing at the wrong times, or using equipment that applies fertilizer unevenly can all leave your lawn looking, at best, less than spectacular and, at worst, can damage your lawn. At Lawn Doctor, we use nutrient-enriched, slow-release fertilizers that keep grass fed with vital natural nutrients over several weeks. We fertilize according to a carefully pre-planned schedule, designed for optimal results. And we apply our fertilizers using our exclusive patented equipment, which guarantees even distribution. This ensures your lawn gets the nutrients it needs for thick, green grass.

Lawn Aeration Services for Improved Airflow

One secret to green grass is proper airflow. Like most living things, grass needs air in order to thrive. So when your lawn’s soil becomes compacted or when it gets covered in thatch, your grass will begin to thin and lose color. The answer is lawn aeration, which perforates your lawn to increase airflow. Most lawns regularly require aeration, and many – such as those that receive heavy use – require it more frequently. Lawn Doctor offers professional core aeration, the most effective method of aeration available, helping breathe life back into your grass.

Lawn Seeding for a Revitalized Lawn

Sometimes, lawns need reworking to achieve the desired appearance. You may find that the company that built your home installed a mixture of grass unsuited for your area. Or your lawn may have become seriously damaged over time. In such cases, you may wish to re-seed your property. Seeding your lawn will help ensure green grass and vital growth. Our Turf Tamer power seeding equipment uses proprietary technology to ensure that seed is evenly distributed with plenty of strong seed-to-soil contact, giving your new grass the chance to thrive.

Get Started with Healthy, Green Grass

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