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Yes! During your first service local lawn care service professionals will assess your current lawn and landscape conditions. Our lawn care specialists will identify what is wrong with your lawn and what’s needed to improve it’s overall health. (Each Lawn Doctor location is individually owned and operated. Evaluation methods and services may vary by location)

Lawn Doctor offers a full range of services for lawns, trees, and shrubs that help maintain and improve your lawn’s overall appearance and health. We offer everything from tree and shrub care to aeration. We also offer lawn pest control. Our perimeter pest service will keep insects outside your home. Our services can also help with mosquitos and ticks. Lawn Doctor also provides weed control and pre-emergent weed control. Lawn Doctor offers the following services:

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Maintainer Care is aimed at providing the essentials most lawns require to stay healthy. This includes fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, broadleaf weed control and crabgrass control. Your local Lawn Doctor experts will tailor a program for your individual yard using their in-depth knowledge to maintain a healthy lawn and prevent lawn disease.

Some lawns and landscapes with serious health concerns need more services to restore their health, so Lawn Doctor also offers Custom Care services, which are available as needed, as opposed to being applied during routine visits for Maintainer Care.

Your lawn service program is designed to deliver nutrients and weed control that produces optimal agronomic effectiveness, giving you a lush, thick and green lawn. You should see improved density.

Between visits from your local Lawn Doctor, you can help your landscape and lawn stay healthy with our tips for mowing, watering, and pruning.

Lawn Doctor guarantees our Maintainer Care services.

If any of our applications of lawn care fail to achieve results that are satisfactory, just let us know. As your Lawn Doctor franchise that is locally operated, we provide a Satisfaction Guarantee and will either come back and reapply the application at no extra charge or we will refund the entire cost of your previous application.

Since services are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of your particular lawn there is no specific timeframe in which services have to be applied. We do not schedule lawn services using a basis of one-size-fits-all. But a lawn typically requires four to six applications each year.

Our proprietary Turf Tamer® equipment is very efficient. It can apply fertilizer and treat each inch of your yard. Also, you do not even need to be at home during our service. Rather than spend untold hours working in the yard, you can enjoy family time or participate in a favorite pastime.

Mowing regularly will also help maintain both appearance and health of the lawn. In general, the more often you mow your lawn, the better. Removing bugs and weeds from a lawn will help improve overall health. If a lawn is in bad condition, it may require a heroic effort to restore. A healthy lawn requires less effort in order for it to be maintained.

Lawn Doctor does not offer mowing services. However, some locations offer lawn mower maintenance to help your lawn mowing equipment last longer and continue to benefit your lawn’s condition. Your local Lawn Doctor expert can provide a recommendation for a provider of mowing service.

Lawn Doctor uses both dry granular and liquid to create the lawn quality you desire. Most materials used are granular, though liquids get used in situations where they achieve superior results. The application rates of each of them are controlled electronically by Lawn Doctor’s proprietary equipment. Our proprietary ground metering system means that the application will always be even, no matter how slowly or quickly Turf Tamer moves.

Lawn Doctor is made up of locally-operated businesses that are supported by a national brand and exclusive equipment.

Each local Lawn Doctor franchise draws on local and regional expertise when customizing lawn care programs. Our experts know the requirements and environmental conditions of a particular area and will leverage that knowledge to create a successful course of treatment for the lawn and landscape.

As part of Lawn Doctor, every franchise has the backing of a national company that supports training and outreach efforts, while also providing a network of local experts in lawn care as a resource for each yard’s solutions.

Lawn Doctor is the largest automated lawn care franchise in the nation, with over 500 franchises spread over 40 states and Puerto Rico.

Your lawn is more than a place for relaxation and entertainment. It is an investment that raises your home’s value.

When you choose Lawn Doctor to take care of your lawn, you receive expertise and services. Lawn Doctor’s local experts know about more than simply grass, pests and trees – they know how a yard in your particular area performs and what threats it faces. As you can see from our Lawn Doctor FAQ, if you have a lawn care question, we can answer it at Lawn Doctor.

Selecting a Lawn Doctor will give you confidence that your lawn is in good hands.And while Lawn Doctor takes good care of your lawn, you will gain free time for relaxing and enjoying your lawn.