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Find the top lawn care in Richmond KY at Lawn Doctor Richmond KY. Their lawn pros live in your area, so they have the expertise to deal with your local climate and soil conditions. Your neighbors will envy your beautiful, healthy lawn!

Contact Lawn Doctor Richmond KY to get a FREE Evaluation of your lawn. Their local lawn care Richmond KY experts know Richmond lawns and guarantee their results.

Popular Richmond KY lawn services include:

Power Seeding

Build turf density with Lawn Doctor’s patented Turf Tamer® equipment. Their ground-metered distribution process generates the appropriate seed amount, maximizing germination while avoiding damage to existing turf. A dense lawn can defend naturally against weeds and insects than an unhealthy, thin lawn.

Core Aeration

This process involves the removal of soil plugs, relieving the compaction of soil and and enabling water, nutrients and oxygen to enter the ground, which helps to build a root system that is stronger. Core aeration can reduce runoff, lessen thatch and raise drought tolerance.

Tree & Shrub Care

They offer Flower Planting and Granular Fertilization.

Other Richmond KY lawn services:

About Us

Lawn Doctor Richmond KY is locally owned and operated by Tyler and Katherine Sparks. They have been servicing the Kentucky area since 2008.

Areas They Serve

Waco, Berea, Paint Lick, Richmond and Lexington


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