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Upgrade Your Turf with Premium Lawn Services and Advice

You don’t need a lawn care specialist to tell you that crabgrass and brown patches can damage the appearance of an otherwise beautiful home. In order to have a thick and healthy lawn—one that will fight off pests and diseases—your grass needs care and attention. Although proper lawn care leads to lush green grass without crabgrass and dandelions, the science behind getting these terrific results is not commonly known. Even with the necessary time and effort, it can be difficult to get the lawn you’re looking for. That’s where we come in.

Lawn Doctor has been getting the job done right for 55 years over a wide range of lawns and backyard conditions across the country. Our comprehensive approach consists of year-round maintenance, pH balance checks, and even evaluation of local growing conditions. All of these elements and more will allow your lawn to fend off unwanted weeds, ugly patches, and whatever
else might get in the way.

Likewise, healthy grass will trap water runoff and protect against air pollution and soil erosion. To give you an idea, turfgrasses will dissipate about 12 million dust and dirt particles from the atmosphere each year. In parallel, just 55 square feet of grass produces enough oxygen for one person for a whole day. At the end of the day, a beautiful lawn isn’t just breathtaking—it’s also breath-giving!

Get a Healthy Lawn Now—and Keep it That Way

Our Lawn Maintainer Care program program provides affordable lawn treatment, which is designed to keep your yard looking its best 365 days a year. For additional information regarding details around the long-term lawn services we provide, and for some tips on how you can give your turf proper check-ups throughout the year, take a look at our seasonal lawn care advice.

No two yards are exactly the same, which is why we treat each lawn with its own special care. In order for your grass to grow to its maximum potential, there are certain local factors that need to be taken into account like climate and soil type. Whereas it may be difficult for lawn care beginners to know how to evaluate these elements, our experts are well-rounded in local conditions and have worked with them for countless hours. After analyzing your specific lawn and looking at all of its surrounding environmental circumstances, we will provide a custom program to fit your grass’s unique requirements.

Optimize Grass Health with Turf Tamer®

 lawn care fertilization equipment and truck on grassThe key to developing a superb lawn is promoting healthy grass growth. Our exclusive Turf Tamer® fertilization equipment is hand-made right here in the United States, and this state-of-the-art technology stands at the forefront of the lawn care services industry. Turf Tamer’s optimized technology encourages each lawn to become increasingly thick and rich in nutrients after every application. This machinery is designed to apply even distribution while providing just the right amount nutrients to your grass, so you’ll see consistent results at every end of your turf. No matter what problems your lawn may have, we have the tools and experience needed to fix them.


Our Guarantee

If our Lawn Maintainer Care applications do not meet your desired expectations, we’ll make it right.

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