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The Agonizing Truth About Caring for Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn does not come easy. It takes more than regular mowing, weeding and watering. We hear the same stories time and again:

  • “No matter what I do my lawn always looks terrible”
    C. Morales
  • “I was shocked when I calculated the cost of fertilizers. Not to mention my time!”
  • “We really tried but our yard was in a terrible shape - lots of weeds and bare spots”
    F.H. Herron

Most Homeowners Struggle To Stop Brown Patches And Weeds From Taking Over

…even after hours of toiling in their yard week after week. Before long, their barren wasteland has sucked up what’s left of their time, money and patience without a green shoot in sight.

Here’s the reality – dead patches and lawn invasions are a constant headache for even the most green-fingered gardeners.

“My lawn was a disaster. I liked what my neighbors had done with their lawn. Turns out they used Lawn Doctor. I’ve been with Lawn Doctor for 5 years.”

B. Rossomondo

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Why Just A Few Minutes’ Mowing is All it Takes to Be the Envy of Your Block

Every year, thousands of happy customers trust Lawn Doctor to give them the best lawn on the block. Without lifting a finger, they rid their lawn of stubborn weeds, moss and dead patches. For over 5 decades our local “Yard Angels” have made coming home a joy for hard-working folks across 450 locations.

WATCH US OBLITERATE WEED AND GRUBS, protect roots, and keep your lawn nourished and hydrated…month after month…season after season – thanks to our one-of-a-kind, patented Turf Tamer Technology.…

Why Turf Tamer’s “Ground Speed Metering” is the ONLY way to get a Flawless Lawn

Ever Wondered Why Weeds And Dry Patches Keep Coming Back No Matter What You Do?

Imagine dividing your lawn into 1ft x 1ft squares….

…Then think about weighing the perfect amount of fertilizer per square foot, and hand-sprinkling it across each section of your lawn.

Just one fertilizer application would take hours. Repeat this process multiple times during the growing season, and that’s what it takes to get perfect fertilizer distribution – and a lush, even lawn!

At Lawn Doctor, we understand the delicate balance it takes to achieve a beautiful, green lawn. It’s why we developed our patented Turf Tamer Fertilizer Applicator.

Thanks to our Turf Tamer Fertilizer Applicator’s patented “Ground Speed Metering” system, we can achieve near perfect fertilizer distribution on any lawn, any time. Even on tough lawns, we’re able to evenly apply 2-4lbs of fertilizer per 1,000 sq ft. In other words, your entire lawn gets just the right balance of nutrients to make it look healthier than ever.

You won’t find our Turf Tamer technology anywhere else.

It’s the reason only Lawn Doctor can give you the lawn you’ve been dreaming of. It’s up to you whether to let your neighbors in on your secret.

“Thanks, Lawn Doctor! It’s a breeze. My lawn has been a pleasure to come home to every day.”


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Here’s our No-Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee:

We rarely come across a parched, weed-filled lawn we can’t improve. We’re so confident that we can make your lawn the best in your neighborhood – we won’t rest until it’s green and healthy.

Here’s How We Do It


We create a custom lawn care treatment plan, tailored to your lawn’s exact needs.


Using our patented Turf Tamer technology and a unique blend of nutrient-rich fertilizers, we apply your custom treatment with the greatest level of care.


We come back to your lawn - at no extra cost - until we’ve achieved the result that was promised in your treatment plan.

That’s The Lawn Doctor Guarantee

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, simply call our friendly Lawn Doctor team at 800.452.9637 and we’ll reapply your treatment at no extra charge.

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