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A beautiful lawn starts with high-quality grass seed and professional seeding. If you’re thinking of seeding or re-seeding your property, contact Lawn Doctor and ask about our lawn seeding services. We offer expert guidance in choosing the right grass seed mixture for your lawn, ensure your lawn is properly prepped for lawn seeding, and apply your lawn’s grass seed using equipment that promotes strong roots and thick, beautiful turf.


Choosing the Right Grass Mixture for Lawn Seeding

Selecting the right mixture of grass seed makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining your lawn’s most important characteristics, such as color and appearance, long-term health, and required maintenance level. Our lawn seeding experts will be able to help you navigate through various grass seed mixtures. Our expert knowledge of grass species, local growing conditions, and lawn maintenance needs will help you choose a grass seed mixture that’s right for your property.

Turf Tamer Power Seeding for Your Lawn

Choosing the right seed mixture for your lawn is only part of the battle when it comes to lawn seeding – you also need to be sure that it’s properly applied. Thanks to our Turf Tamer line of power seeding equipment, we will make sure your lawn receives the amount of seed it needs to thrive.

Turf Tamer offers:

  • Consistent Seed Distribution. Turf Tamer uses ground-metered technology to make sure your lawn is evenly seeded, ensuring no sparse or clumpy patches.
  • Strong Seed-to-Soil Contact. You’ll see thicker, healthier results through excellent seed-to-soil contact.
  • Non-Damaging Application. Turf Tamer has been designed to minimize damage to your lawn’s existing turf when applying seed.

Combining Lawn Seeding & Aeration

lawn aerationWhen soil becomes compacted, the lawn struggles to take in oxygen, water, and other critical items needed to grow properly. A well-aerated lawn, on the other hand, gives fresh seeds a better chance to absorb nutrients and develop stronger roots. Speak with us about how much your lawn could benefit from combining lawn seeding with lawn aeration services. Lawn Doctor franchises offer core aeration, which – when coupled with Turf Tamer power seeding – can multiply the effectiveness of lawn maintenance and let your grass grow greener than ever.

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