At Lawn Doctor, we understand that the environment is the cornerstone of all we do. For more than 40 years, Lawn Doctor has been committed to offering environmentally friendly products and services that promote healthy, green lawns. In fact, the green grass in your lawn provides so many benefits to the environment. A healthy lawn creates oxygen, removes dust and dirt, filters water passing through its roots leaving pollutants behind and many more benefits.

Lawn Doctor is focused on working in harmony with the science of nature. In other words, every service we perform is designed to boost natural growth. In fact, some of Lawn Doctor’s services help to promote oxygen and water flow in ways that affect entire neighborhoods.

Unlike many of our competitors, Lawn Doctor goes beyond simple green product use. Our proprietary technology allows our lawn professionals to precisely measure and apply the optimum blend of nutrients and weed control. That means we’re doing the right thing for you, your lawn and the environment.

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Read about how we’ve been taking our Environmental Stewardship seriously for more than four decades. To find out more about how your lawn contributes to a healthy environment, read Why My Lawn Matters. Want to know more about our methodology? Check out our Safety and Sustainability promise.

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