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Green Thumb Lawn Care

Lawn Doctor‘s logo derives from the phrase “having a green thumb.” That means Lawn Doctor has a special way with grass and plants.

Like many idioms, nobody can say for sure where this phrase came from. The expression in the United Kingdom is referred to as “green fingers.”

According to one story, a British journalist coined “green fingers” in 1925. According to another version, gardener’s thumbs became green due to algae growing on pots that they handled. One source links the phrase to England’s King Edward I, who allegedly kept many serfs occupied shelling green peas for him to eat, offering a prize to the serf whose thumb was greenest.

But most sources believe that “green thumb” became popular in the early 1900s and derives from the fact that people who are caring for plants frequently get plant materials and chlorophyll on skin and under nails, giving their fingers a green look.

Green Thumb Lawn Service

Wherever it originated, “green thumb” is now synonymous with the ability to keep plants alive and flourishing. Lawn Doctor’s founders were praised for these skills by their first customers, resulting in the company adopting the symbol of plant and lawn expertise in 1973.

So even if you do not know where the expression comes from, you will not be wondering how Lawn Doctor embodies this symbol.  Our expert “green thumbs” will keep your trees, grass and shrubs healthy and flourishing; leaving you with the lawn and yard you’ve dreamed of having.

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