How do you keep your neighbor’s dandelions out of your yard?

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Dandelions can be dug out by hand, but the task would take days to complete. Not a great way to spend your time off!                               dandelion

A pre-emergent can be applied to prevent seeds from germinating. It must be applied in late winter to be effective.

A broadleaf herbicide is good for killing dandelions in lawns since it won’t affect the grass. It works best when applied before the dandelion develops flowers.

Other tips include:

  1. Regularly mow. By mowing the lawn before the dandelion matures, you can reduce the weed from spreading.
  2. Aerate your lawn. Dandelions thrive in compacted soil, so it is important to aerate the soil to reduce compaction.

Most importantly – you need to prevent dandelions from going to seed. Once fluffy seed heads appear, the number of dandelions in your yard (and your neighbor’s) will multiply.



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