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Having a great lawn is not something that just happens. Creating a healthy lawn requires hard work, strategy and the right lawn care schedule to follow. The experienced lawn care service professionals at Lawn Doctor can help you develop an effective lawn care schedule for your yard’s needs.

Having a maintenance schedule to adhere to will help you avoid any costly mistakes that could cause serious yard damage. For example, applying too much lawn fertilizer could have a negative impact not just for your lawn, but also for the environment. Or you may put on too much weed killer, and end up killing your plants instead. Our lawn services can make sure you avoid these and other common mistakes. We can get your lawn on the proper lawn care schedule for your yard’s individual needs. Call your local Lawn Doctor expert for guidance and recommendations for creating a schedule for caring for your lawn.

Your lawn care schedule for your local neighborhood

We believe that a one size fits all treatment simply does not work. For example, if you live in the hot, humid climate of South Florida, your lawn will  have different needs than a Vermont lawn. Climates can even vary in a single state – just look at California, where San Francisco yards need different treatment than a San Diego yard. In many areas of the country, winter is a dormant time for plants. But in some areas, where the climate is warm all year, you will still need to be active in your lawn care routine. Your Local Lawn Doctor professional can come up with a treatment plan that is right for you.

A lawn schedule built for your situation

Even lawns in the same neighborhood may need different treatments and will need different schedules. If you have had problems with snow mold, voles, and crabgrass that means that your lawn will need a different treatment schedule than a neighbor who has problems with clover and mice, or a low-maintenance lawn down the street that only needs a basic treatment schedule in order to grow.

The type of grass you have does matter

There are many varieties of grasses, and the type of grass you have will affect how you should develop your lawn care schedule. For example, if you have a warm season grass, you will need to have fertilizer applied on a different timetable than a cool season grass. Mainly because the growing seasons for each grass are different. Cool season grasses grow mostly during the cooler seasons and warm seasons grow during the warm seasons. Applying fertilizer at the wrong time could have a very negative effect. Fortunately, we can help so you do not have to worry about planning your lawn’s schedule yourself.

The Lawn Doctor approach to scheduled lawn care

At Lawn Doctor, we take a holistic approach to your lawn, offering a wide range of treatments to make sure your lawn is at its best. That means doing pH testing  of your soil, and adjusting it to make sure it is at the correct balance. Many people have difficulty doing this without help from a professional. This can also be said about treating lawn diseases – there are a variety of lawn diseases out there, which need specialized treatment, and that is not something you can fix on your own. But Lawn Doctor can help treat and even prevent lawn diseases from destroying your lawn.

Soil aeration is another important part of proper yard maintenance that must be part of your annual lawn care schedule. This involves putting small holes in the soil in order to let in air and nutrients, and treat thatch. But not all lawns need regular soil aeration; it is only for soil that is compacted.

Following a schedule can help ensure your lawn  looks great year-round

If you want to have a yard that you can be proud of, contact a local Lawn Doctor professional to make sure your lawn is on the right schedule. Contact us today and start your lawn off on the right foot!