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Lawn Doctor’s Garden Landscaping Services

Beautiful yards start with lawns, but to create a landscape you also need shrubs, trees and other ornamental plants.  Lawn Doctor’s landscape care and maintenance will increase your home’s value and enable you to enjoy warm weather while admiring your landscape.

It can be devastating to watch your favorite shrub or tree succumb to an infestation of insects or fall victim to a bad winter. Lawn Doctor’s lawn maintenance and landscaping services offer care for shrubs and trees with the same concern they have for lawns.  Our professional experts in landscape care know all about how the climate and environment in your area influences the growth of shrubs and trees. They use their knowledge and experience to offer the appropriate garden landscaping services to suit your yard’s needs.

Tree and Shrub Landscaping Lawn Care Services

Landscaping services from Lawn Doctor delivers optimal care for shrubs and trees with the same attention to detail they devote to every lawn.

Lawn Doctor Has a Variety of Landscaping Services

Similar to our Lawn and Yard Care Services, our landscaping services contain a core Tree and Shrub Care program with a variety of Custom Tree and Shrub Care programs available.

Tree and Shrub Maintainer Care services – Lawn Doctor tailors their Maintainer Care Landscaping Services to fit the requirements of your landscape, featuring inspection and protection of trees, shrubs and foundation plants around your house.

Tree and Shrub Custom Care landscaping services – If you have serious needs that require extra attention, Lawn Doctor offers specialized garden landscape care and landscaping lawn care services that extend well beyond basics.

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