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Natural & Organic Lawn Care from Lawn Doctor

At Lawn Doctor, we believe that a greener lawn and a greener world go hand in hand. That’s why we offer a range of all-natural and fully organic lawn care solutions.

Our natural and organic lawn care programs produce the lush, green results homeowners have come to expect from Lawn Doctor while using no synthetic chemicals or man-made materials. To bring a more natural touch to your lawn, turn to the local lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor.

Our Natural & Organic Lawn Care Services

We offer a wide range of natural and organic lawn care services. In many cases, these are standard Lawn Doctor services that are already natural and nature-safe. In other cases, we’ve modified our services to ensure that all materials used are naturally sourced from plants and animal waste. As with all our services, our natural and organic lawn care services are customized for every client and every lawn, ensuring you get the most out of our care and maintenance.

Our natural and organic lawn care services include:

Annual Natural Lawn Care Plans

Keep your lawn greener, lusher, and healthier year-round with Natural Lawn Care, our annual organic lawn care and maintenance program. Natural Lawn Care combines organic lawn fertilization with Integrated Pest Management, giving you healthy, green grass that’s shielded from common lawn pests like ticks and mosquitos. Through Natural Lawn Care, our experts will develop a fully-custom program for your property, with fertilization carefully fine-tuned for local growing conditions and the exact species of grass your lawn is composed of.

Choosing Between Standard & Organic Lawn Care

In addition to our natural and organic lawn care services, we offer a wide range of other eco-friendly lawn care options that are fully friendly to the environment. One example is our standard fertilizers, which use lab-synthesized nutrients, but are completely safe for your lawn and the local eco-system. Talk with one of our lawn care experts about your complete range of eco-friendly lawn care services.

A Greener Lawn Is a Phone Call Away

Give your home a greener, more eco-friendly lawn with help from Lawn Doctor. Call today to learn more about our organic lawn care services.