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Diagnosing Yard Pests

Do you need yard pest control?  Keep an eye out for moths that fly up from the yard while you are mowing. Look for billbugs on your driveway or sidewalk during evening hours.  Other pests to watch out for include grubs, which cause the greatest damage in the fall.

The best yard pest control starts with a professional pest analysis provided by a company such as Your Local Lawn Doctor, which can help stop yard and house pests before lawn bug control becomes a larger issue.

Perimeter and Yard Pest Control

The degree of pest related problems will determine when to seek out effective yard pest control. Some pests are controlled best when just hatched or when immature.  It is useful to get rid of adult pests before they have the opportunity to lay eggs.

If you notice patches in your yard that are dead and brown, you might think it comes from significant drought stress.  However, it might suggest an issue concerning grubs or other potentially harmful lawn pests.

Grubs damage grass plants when they feed upon their roots. Grub-damaged turf can be lifted up easily the way you would lift a carpet because there is no root system support.  If you have a huge number of grubs and are not treating the problem with yard pest control, it could devastate your turf.

Using yard bug control is always wise. But some insects, such as butterflies and bees, benefit your lawn. These “good” insects are natural enemies of the insects that generally fall under the category of pests.

Pesticides are similar to household cleaners in that they are safe as long as they are handled and applied in accordance with their directions and then properly stored. All pesticides are required by federal or state regulations and laws to have labels detailing guidelines for application and restrictions on dosage.

To prevent overuse or large dosage amounts, get a pro like Your Local Lawn Doctor to take care of your schedule of pest maintenance and give you the best yard bug control.

Be sure to dispose of home pesticides properly to protect the environment. Don’t ever pour chemicals down the toilet, sink, storm drains or into creeks. Use up home pesticides instead by giving what you have left over to a relative or friend. Or you can take home pesticides to a hazardous waste collection facility.

Whether you’re needing tick control or even mosquito lawn treatment, using a professional service like Lawn Doctor’s Yard Pest Control will eliminate the problems of storing and disposing of pesticides.

For more information, contact the Lawn Doctor in your area.

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