Soil Testing Service


Having a healthy, vibrant lawn is a worthwhile goal, but achieving it can prove to be a significant challenge. Lawns can receive enough water and sunlight but still struggle to grow and stay green.  If water and sunlight aren’t getting the job done, chances are there might be a problem with the soil worth testing. In such cases, determining the problem becomes a priority, but often it can’t be pinpointed simply by looking at the soil. It requires a soil testing service, and that usually involves a residential soil testing company. Only once the cause is found can proper action be taken and you can start enjoying that lush lawn you’ve always wanted.

Why You Should Get A Soil Testing Service?

Only by way of performing a soil testing service by a qualified lawn expert can you genuinely determine if certain problems with the soil are preventing your lawn from reaching healthy and sustainable growth. A soil testing service for lawns can indicate what steps need to be taken in order to help lawns grow and thrive. The soil testing service results develop future lawn care treatments, the right composition of fertilizer to use, and more. Even for lawns that seem to be growing well, lawn soil testing services can often predict when future problems may crop up. In this sense, a soil testing service for lawns can act as a prevention tool and not just as a way to diagnose current problems.

What Does a Lawn Soil Testing Service Involve?

Proper lawn soil test services feature a careful examination of the soil in various parts of your lawn. The bigger the lawn, the more samples are needed to get accurate test results. Soil testing services for lawns don’t just involve examining the soil for the lawn but for any shrubs, trees, or gardens on your property. All of these things can be adversely affected by soil problems.

A typical soil testing service involves measuring certain aspects of the soil. These areas include the soil’s pH level, nutrient content, and organic matter. In essence, this helps to determine how good the soil is at holding nutrients vital to grass growth or if it contains elements that may prevent proper growth. For example, soil that is more acidic (has a low pH level) may hurt plant roots and eliminate necessary nutrients. Ideally, the pH level for lawn soil should be within the range of 6.0 and 7.0, though that can depend on the type of lawn you own.

A soil’s CEC (cation exchange capacity) is also an important factor that needs to be measured. CEC is an indicator of a soil’s ability to have and keep nutrients while also providing a significant barrier against the acidification of the soil.

In other words, think of lawn soil analysis and soil testing services as similar to medical testing as it can not only help you diagnose a variety of things that could be keeping your yard from thriving, but it can also help your lawn reach optimum levels of growth and health.

When Should a Lawn Soil Testing Service Take Place?

Most people will only test their soil when they notice something is wrong with their lawn, but as is often the case, dealing with problems before they show up so visibly is much easier. Soil testing service for lawns can be performed at pretty much any time of the year, but the best times for it are usually during the fall or the early spring. In that way, if any problems are discovered, you’ll have time to address them before the main growing season kicks off.

How to Get Your Soil Testing Service

If you’re looking for professional soil testing companies or how to get soil testing services, then look no further. Lawn Doctor has qualified, experienced lawn soil testing services near you. These experts will test your soil and diagnose any problems that may be affecting it. All you need to do is call your local Lawn Doctor, and we will do the rest. You don’t even have to be home while we work on your lawn.


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