Fall Lawn Care Tips and Advice

image of a rake raking leaves during fall lawn care

Fall Lawn Care Tips

As the days shorten and temperatures decrease, your lawn will soon go dormant. Following proper fall lawn care techniques will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to withstand winter – and come roaring back in spring. Utilize these fall lawn care tips to prepare your grass for a healthy growing season. This is the best time to give your lawn some TLC.

  • Fertilize: Your lawn needs nutrients in fall to stay healthy after it goes dormant. Throughout the winter, grass roots will keep growing and utilize these stored nutrients until the spring. Fertilize one last time before it gets too cold.
  • Power Seed: This process improves your lawn’s overall health and appearance. Lawn Doctor’s fall lawn care services include power seeding with exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment, which is designed to dispense the perfect amount of seed without harming your grass. Power seeding in fall can also help your lawn recover from overuse. A dense lawn is the best defense against insect and weed damage and can have a huge impact on creating a thick lush lawn next spring. Fall is the best time to seed.
  • Aerate the Soil: Fall is a great time to aerate your lawn. Lawn Aeration fights grass compaction from summer traffic and helps the grass roots get the oxygen and nutrients they need. Your lawn should be aerated at least once a year.

This is a great DIY tip that can have a huge impact on the quality and appearance of your lawn.

  • Rake Leaves: Once the leaves start falling, it’s important to remove them from your lawn at least once a week. Making sure your lawn is free of leaves not only improves your yard’s appearance, but it also improves your lawn’s health. Leaves on the grass block out the sunlight needed to store nutrients for winter dormancy. Wet leaves can also lead to lawn disease.
  • Prevent Lawn Pests: Many lawn pests thrive in autumn. Lawn Doctor’s grub control services can prevent lawn pests in your yard. Don’t wait until spring to take care of unwanted pests; neglecting your lawn can lead to serious consequences. Call the Lawn Doctor professional in your area for a FREE lawn evaluation to learn more about our lawn pest services.
  • Continue Watering: Fall lawn care should include lawn watering in order to keep grass roots well hydrated and healthy throughout the winter.
  • Winterize Trees and Shrubs: Some evergreens will experience extreme moisture loss during the winter. Lawn Doctor’s trained technicians can apply a special oil that prevents moisture loss. We also offer a full line of tree and shrub care services. Be sure to talk with your Lawn Doctor technician if you have questions or concerns about your landscaping.

It is important to stay on a schedule. It is important to implement each lawn care tip at the right time to achieve optimal results. Before you know it, spring will be here! These fall lawn care tips will help you save time and effort when your lawn emerges. Start caring for your lawn now to ensure prettier, healthier grass next year!