Fall Lawn Care Tips and Advice

image of a rake raking leaves during fall lawn care

Autumn Lawn Care

As days shorten and temperatures decrease, your lawn will soon go dormant. Utilizing proper fall lawn care techniques will give your turf the vigor it needs to withstand winter and come back better than ever in March. If you want healthy green grass next spring, caring for your lawn in autumn is crucial.

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Fall Lawn Care Tips

  • Fertilization is essential during the autumn months, providing your lawn with an additional nutrient boost to be used over the dormancy period. Throughout the winter, grass roots will keep growing and utilize these stored nutrients until the spring.image of before and after power seeding during fall lawn care
  • Power Seeding increases turf density, improving your lawn’s overall health and appearance. Lawn Doctor’s fall lawn care services use exclusive Turf Tamer® power
    seeding equipment, which is designed to dispense the right amount of seed without harming existing turf.Power seeding in fall can also help the lawn recover from heavy use over the summer. If done properly, power seeding will have a positive effect on your lawn’s appearance during the upcoming spring. Remember: A dense lawn is the best natural defense against insect and weed damage.
  • Fall is also a good time to aerate your lawn. Lawn Aeration fights grass compaction from summer traffic and helps the grass roots get the oxygen and nutrients they need.
  • Once leaves start falling, blow or rake your yard at least once a week. Making sure your yard is free of leaves not only improves appearance, but it also improves your lawn’s health; leaves on the grass block out sunlight, which your lawn needs in the fall as it stores nutrients for winter dormancy.
  • Fall is an important time to treat your lawn for potential pests. Lawn Doctor’s grub control services will help you get results now; waiting for spring to take care of unwanted pests can lead to serious consequences. Call the Lawn Doctor in your area for a FREE lawn evaluation to discover what could be hiding in your lawn.
  • If you have finished mowing for the year, use fall lawn care services from Lawn Doctor to winterize your lawn mower. One of the final fall lawn maintenance tasks is to make sure your lawn mower gets safely stored and will be ready for spring mowing.
  • Fall lawn care should also include winterizing your shrubs and trees. Some evergreens will experience extreme moisture loss during the winter, but Lawn Doctor’s fall lawn care services can prevent moisture loss by applying special oil.


Fall Lawn Care Definitions

To review Fall Lawn Care terminology, as well as other general lawn care definitions, check out our glossary.

Fall Lawn Care for All Yards

Lawn Doctor’s Lawn Maintainer Care program gives yards the essentials they need to thrive year-round. Additionally, our Custom Care services will help fix any serious issues your lawn may encounter.

For more information on fall lawn care tips, contact your local Lawn Doctor.