Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration Services from Lawn Doctor

Without proper airflow, any lawn will begin to struggle. Air needs to be able to flow underneath the soil’s surface in order to reach the roots of you grass. When soil becomes densely compacted, or when a heavy layer of thatch builds up on the soil’s surface, proper airflow becomes impossible and grass begins to suffocate. When this happens, Lawn Doctor can help by providing professional lawn aeration. Our lawn aeration experts offer core aeration – the most effective and long-lasting method of lawn aeration available.

Core Aeration from Lawn Doctor

There are two main methods for aerating your lawn: spike aeration and core aeration. Spike aeration is a manual method that uses a roller or hand tool to punch holes into soil. Spike aeration takes a lot of effort, often leads to uneven results, and can wear off in a relatively short period of time. Core aeration – the method offered by your local Lawn Doctor – is a more effective and long-lasting alternative to spike aeration. Core aeration uses specially calibrated machinery to core small holes into your lawn at precise distances from one another. This allows for more accurate and reliable lawn aeration, without the sweaty, back-breaking work of aerating your lawn on your own.

Does My Yard Require Lawn Aeration?

It can be tough to know if your lawn needs aeration. Many of the symptoms caused by poor soil airflow are also symptoms of other lawn issues. Thinning, yellowing grass might not be getting enough air, but it also might not be getting enough water or fertilizer. One way to test if your lawn needs aeration is the screwdriver test. If you have trouble inserting a screwdriver head-first into your soil, your lawn is likely suffering from compaction or thatch and needs lawn aeration. We encourage you to call your local Lawn Doctor team for a more precise diagnosis.

Combining Lawn Aeration & Lawn Seeding

If you’re considering seeding your lawn, you may wish to combing lawn seeding services with lawn aeration. Proper lawn aeration will dramatically increase your new grass’s chances after seeding. Talk with your local Lawn Doctor about how you can combine lawn aeration with our lawn seeding services.

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