Mosquito Spray for Your Next Outdoor Special Event

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Yard Armour Mosquito Control Special Event Programs

When it comes to your next outdoor wedding, graduation party or sweet 16 the details matter and not having mosquitoes at your next event is a big detail. Don’t let your next special event be ruined by mosquitoes joining the party. Our Yard Armour Special Event services include one-time mosquito control treatments and sprays for special events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Graduation Parties
  • Holiday Cookouts
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Family Parties
  • Garden Parties

With Lawn Doctor’s Mosquito Control you can enjoy your backyard without the hassle of citronella torches, greasy bug sprays, or uncomfortable netting. Don’t spend the season inside – ask us about mosquito control service options.

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If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll make it right. It's that simple.

We'll return at no charge or refund the full costs of your last application.

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    We will develop a one-of-a-kind lawn care service plan, and outline exactly what you should expect with each treatment.

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When should I have my yard treated for mosquitoes?

Protect your yard against mosquitoes as soon as possible! Often, by the time you notice there is a problem; mosquitoes have been spreading throughout your yard for weeks. However, it’s not too late to treat your yard and prevent mosquitoes from spreading. Our mosquito control program will make sure your yard is prepared to defend itself against the threat of mosquitoes. .

To eliminate mosquitoes multiple treatments over the entire season are recommended. Your local Lawn Doctor will review your yard and help determine the best mosquito control treatment plan for you. Call your local Lawn Doctor professional to schedule your mosquito treatment and help make sure you are protected from this dangerous pest.

How important is it to treat my landscape for mosquitoes?

It is very important to treat your landscape for mosquitoes. Think about how much time you spend in your yard each summer. Mosquitoes can make it difficult to host a party, work in your garden or even drop off your recycling at the curb. It’s not just about bites, Zika, West Nile and ringworm are all important reasons to choose Lawn Doctor’s mosquito treatments to keep your yard a relaxing space, free of harmful pests the whole season.

The warm weather months are the best time of year to host a birthday or graduation party, a bridal or baby shower, or a relaxed gathering of friends. Mosquitoes can ruin a great party quickly. Our Yard Armour special event sprays and treatment will make your outdoor setting safe and enjoyable. To learn more about our special event control options, call your local Lawn Doctor professional today.

What to expect from our Yard Armour Mosquito Control Program?

Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour Mosquito repellent treatments deliver great results because it treats mosquitoes at every stage of development and works to reduce the threat of mosquitoes from your yard. And all of our mosquito treatments are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.* It’s important to continue to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Barrier sprays are applied approximately every thirty days.**

Lawn Doctor’s local technician will walk you through any mosquito tips that will create a protective barrier around your yard and will work to repel mosquitoes.Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour program will defend your yard against the spread of mosquitoes. So, don’t let the threat of mosquitoes keep you indoors this summer.

What are some adverse effects of mosquitos in my yard?

1. Annoying and Painful

Mosquitos can be annoying, especially if you’re sitting outside enjoying your time. The buzzing noise can get quite irritating, and their bites are very itchy. The most common places they bite are the legs, arms, and face.

2. Deadly and Serious

Mosquitos are vectors for several diseases, including malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and filariasis. mosquitos can also carry eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile Virus.

3. They Breed Very Fast

In a single day, a female mosquito can lay up to 100 eggs. If you fail to get rid of them fast enough, their population will grow very fast in your yard.

How do I prevent mosquitos in my yard?

1. Avoid Stagnant Waters

Stagnant water in your yard is a big reason why mosquitos are attracted to your yard. mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant water, and they breed at an alarming rate. If you have a pond or a birdbath in your yard, drain them and replace them with fresh water.

2. Keep Your Grass Cut

Mosquitos lay their eggs in tall grass. Keeping your yard trimmed will help control the reproduction cycle.

3. Spray Your Yard

If your yard is heavily infested with mosquitos, EPA has approved several insecticides with no harm to the environment and humans. Consider using Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour to spray your yard.

4. Use Fans

Mosquitos are attracted to the heat in your yard. You can use fans to keep mosquitos away by blowing the carbon dioxide emitted by your body. The windblown by the fans makes it hard for the mosquitos to land.

5. Landscaping as an Advantage

Planting repellant plants such as citronella in your yard is another way to keep mosquitos away. It emits a strong scent that mosquitos find unpleasant, thereby discouraging the presence of mosquitos.

6. Use of Lights

There are forms of light that are designed to keep mosquitos away. The ‘bug lights’ are one of the best ways to keep mosquitos away because they emit a bright light that chases away mosquitos.

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