Tick Control Plans

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If It Bites You, It Bugs Us

Searching your kids and your dog for ticks isn’t exactly a walk in the park—especially when the smallest ticks are no larger than the tip of a pencil. These are dangerous, disease-carrying pests that can cause serious health issues. Protect your family and pets from ticks with Lawn Doctor Yard Armour® Tick Control Plans, and get back to enjoying the yard without fear.

Yard Armour® Tick Control Plans

Two words strike fear into the hearts of ticks everywhere—Lawn Doctor. When you choose our annual Tick Control Plans, you’re allying with professionals who have been obliterating homeowners’ tick problems for years. Contact Lawn Doctor, and we’ll drive the pesky insects off your turf—and keep them out.

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What keeps ticks off the lawn? If you think a simple, one-time tick spray will be enough to protect your family, you’re out of luck. The work needed to control ticks requires regular maintenance, but fortunately your local Lawn Doctor expert can apply the regular treatments needed so you can enjoy your free time safely and without worry. Plus, we can do it all at an affordable price point that makes sense for your yard’s needs.

Tick Prevention

In addition to applying regular treatments, there are a number of ways to decrease the tick population around your home. Routinely cutting back foliage, pruning trees and shrubs, mowing, raking leaves, and implementing the right landscaping techniques can also help prevent tick invasions. Even mowing your lawn at the correct height could have a substantial effect on the tick population in your yard. Ask your local Lawn Doctor about these kinds of strategies for preventing ticks, and we’ll provide you with even more tips to get rid of ticks.

yard armour tick controlPremium Tick Control and Our Guarantee

Our Yard Armour® Tick Control Plan uses the highest quality product applications to remove ticks from potentially popular breeding and nesting locations on your lawn. In addition to reducing the number of ticks in your yard, the advanced Lawn Doctor Tick Control Plan comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with our work, we will fix the problem or refund the cost of your last service. Finally, we even offer a natural tick control option; ask your local franchise for more details.

Ongoing Tick Services

Ongoing treatments throughout the season keep your yard protected at all times, so you’ll never have to worry about these nasty insects for long.  If you’re concerned about ticks in your yard, call your local Lawn Doctor today for a tick control consultation. We’ll customize a plan to fit your budget and your property’s needs and share strategies for making your yard less appealing to ticks.

Call today for more information on our annual Tick Control Plans and other lawn pest control treatments.