Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips | Troubleshooting and Winterizing

Top Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips From Lawn Doctor

  • To make sure your mower continues to run smoothly, read through the operator’s manual to get a routine lawn mower maintenance schedule and technical specs.
  • Since a lawn mower that runs well and is maintained regularly helps to keep your yard beautiful and healthy, schedule routine mower maintenance checks. Keep a notebook of all service records for your lawn mower.
  • Store your lawn mower correctly and get it serviced over the winter in order to make sure it’ll be good to go for spring. An annual lawn mower maintenance check by a professional like Your Local Lawn Doctor will ensure that your mower will run efficiently and safely and will not damage your lawn.

Routine Maintenance Checks for Your Mower

  • Similar to your car, your lawn mower needs regular oil, fuel filter and oil filter changes to prolong its longevity. Manufacturer recommendations may vary, but most of them say to change the oil when the mower has been used for 25 hours. That can work out to once every year for some people, so they can change the mower oil each spring.
  • Your lawn mower blade should be sharpened on a regular basis. If a mower blade is dull, it’ll shred the lawn, resulting in a brown or frayed appearance and leaving the grass vulnerable to lawn disease.
  • Annual lawn mower maintenance checks should include making sure every nut and bolt is tightened and all filters, safety shields and belts are in their proper places.
  • Regularly clean intake screens and fans to help the lawn mower continue to operate correctly.
  • Lawn Doctor’s Lawn Mower Maintenance Service can assist you in winterizing your lawn mower. Proper mower service can ensure your mower is safely stored and it is ready for spring mowing season.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips: Fuel Storage

  • Only use approved containers for storage when storing lawn mower fuel.  Don’t use jars or bottles. Clearly label your containers of fuel to avoid any confusion.
  • If there is still some fuel in the lawn mower when you are ready to store it away for the winter, guard against carburetor clogs by adding a fuel stabilizer. Once you have added the stabilizer, let the engine run five minutes so the fuel can circulate throughout the mower’s fuel system.

Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

If it is difficult to start your mower, you could have a damaged or dirty spark plug.  Read the owner’s manual for details on how to inspect and change the spark plug. Or contact Lawn Doctor to schedule lawn mower maintenance.  Annually replacing the mower’s spark plug is a good way to ensure effective starts.

Gasoline’s shelf life is around one month. Old gas could clog up the carburetor.  If it has been more than one month since the last time your mowed the grass, get new gas.

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