Lawn Maintainer Program

Keep up with Your Lawn’s Maintenance Schedule Through Lawn Maintainer Annual Care Lawn care professional pushing seeding and fertilizing equipment

Keeping your lawn healthy and green is a demanding year-round commitment, so let your local Lawn Doctor professionals take care of all that work for you. Go take care of your own obligations, and we’ll take care of your lawn. For lawn maintenance made easier, ask about our Lawn Maintainer program today.

Lawn Maintainer combines Lawn Doctor’s most popular and essential professional lawn care services into one convenient and affordable package. Each and every lawn we service receives its own custom, one-of-a-kind plan, so your grass will have everything it needs to remain thick and strong year-round.

Heighten Your Turf’s Production with Annual Fertilization & Lawn Maintenance 

Any lawn care expert will tell you that fertilization is an absolute must. Our specialized Lawn Maintainer program will provide your grass with a unique fertilization plan designed by one of our local professionals to suit your area’s particular growing conditions, as well as the specific conditions of your yard. Every plan is carefully fine-tuned for each lawn’s specific composition and structure, adjusting nutrient levels accordingly for optimal growth. When fertilizing, our experienced team always uses slow-release fertilizers that are high in nutrients to guarantee lush and long-term grass fitness. We apply these products with state-of-the-art Turf Tamer® technology, which is ground-metered and has a reputation for being the most reliable equipment in the field.

Eliminate Dandelions Before They Sprout with Pre-Emergent Weed Control

There’s a huge difference between having a beautiful green lawn and having a green lawn filled with dandelions. Our Lawn Maintainer services include pre-emergent weed control for preventing dandelions from taking root in your yard, as well as standard weed control to obliterate weeds that are currently delighting in your soil. Your local Lawn Doctor team will provide protective applications to shield your lawn from a vast majority of weeds, treating your turf for any stubborn dandelions that sprout on your property.

Repel Unwanted Visitors with Integrated Pest Management

Pests will not only make your yard less inviting, but they can also present serious health risks to you and your loved ones. Our Integrated Pest Management program will protect your lawn against irritating and dangerous pests through a combination of robust preventive treatments, so you and your family can enjoy the yard worry-free. Additionally, our targeted reduction applications will give those bugs the boot through a series of dedicated insect prevention strategies.

Refresh Your Lawn the Green Way with Natural Lawn Care

In addition to Lawn Maintainer, we also offer a year-round Natural Lawn Care program. Natural Lawn Care offers annual lawn maintenance and care using 100% natural materials made exclusively from plant and animal waste.

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