Dealing with Dead Patches?

Dealing with Dead Patches?

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Brown patches can have a multitude of culprits, from improper watering to chinch bugs, grubs and fungal diseases.

The cause of dead patches determines the best time to treat them. For example, there are several species of chinch bugs that damage grass in the US.

chinch bug
They puncture grasses with needle-like beaks and suck the fluids out

Chinch bugs are usually found in drought-stressed lawns, . Their feeding causes large irregular patches of lawn begin to turn yellow then brown as they die.

Grubs, on the other hand, attack from below, nothing is beneath them, including, eating the roots of your lawn. Separate from chinch bugs and

grubs is brown patch lawn disease, a fungal condition that destroys large areas virtually overnight during hot, humid weather.

The good news is: we’re here to help. When it comes to the war on brown patches, we’ve got your back. Check with your Lawn Doctor for a proper diagnosis.


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