Custom Lawn Care Services

Diagnosing Yard Care Issues with Custom Lawn Care

If your yard has a particular need, we can take care of it with the Lawn Doctor custom lawn services.

Lawn and landscape issues that keep recurring or do not respond to standard lawn maintenance are generally an indication of underlying causes that are more serious. Some typical problems that Lawn Doctor Custom Lawn and Yard Care services address include:

  • Discolored turf
  • Detached turf
  • Bare spots

Your local experts at Lawn Doctor will draw on their knowledge of your local environment when making their lawn diagnosis to aid in the treatment of severe yard problems.

Custom Lawn Services

Customers may select custom lawn services on an a la carte basis, but Lawn Doctor’s recommendation is a program of ongoing Lawn Maintainer Care to guard against the problem returning. Numerous serious landscape and yard problems (such as the ones that a custom lawn maintenance service treats) may be prevented by making sure your yard stays weed-free and healthy throughout the year.

Some of our most popular custom lawn service programs are listed here.* If you have a particular need, talk to your local Lawn Doctor.

Lawn Doctor's Guarantee

If any of our Lawn Maintenance Applications fail to achieve the desired results, just tell us. As your Lawn Doctor franchise that is locally operated, we will either come back and we’ll reapply the application with no additional cost or we’ll refund the entire cost of your previous application.

More Custom Lawn Care Services

Please contact the Lawn Doctor in your area for Tree and Shrub Care, and also Pest Control* yard services.

*Available at select locations.

**Each Lawn Doctor location is operated independently.

***All advertised Lawn Doctor offers are valid only at participating locations and only apply to first-time customers. Offers valid with the purchase of annual lawn maintainer care program. Offers cannot be combined with any other prior purchases, discounts, promotions or coupons. Offers based on state where franchise is located. Some franchises may have alternative offers.

Contact Lawn Doctor for a FREE Lawn Evaluation or you can call Your Local Lawn Doctor at 1-800-845-0580 to learn more about Lawn Doctor custom care services.