Winter Tree Care By Lawn Doctor

Winter is coming, and that means colder temperatures throughout the United States, and it could mean ice, wind and snow in your area. All of that can affect the trees on your property. If you want your home’s trees to look great in spring, summer, and autumn, you need to take good care of them in the winter. So what can you do to protect your trees? Here are some tips:

Trees need water, much like your lawn does

If you live in an area that has had drought issues, don’t forget that your trees need water, as well as your lawn. You may need to water your trees, especially if they are young. Some suggest these rules of thumb when it comes to watering your trees – you may need to water them for 10 gallons for each inch of the tree’s diameter, or for five times the diameter to determine how long to water for. So a tree with a 10-inch diameter may need to be watered for 50 minutes. Of course, please follow any local conservation laws in your city or state.

An anti-dessciant spray can help

Some trees, especially evergreens, may get dried out from winter winds. And that can affect not just the look of the trees, but the health of the trees. To alleviate that, Lawn Doctor can apply an anti-dessicant spray in the fall to your trees to keep your trees moist in the winter, so they will be vibrant in the spring and summer.

Tree pruning and even tree removal is a good idea to do right now

The last thing you want to have to deal with when dealing with a winter storm is a weak tree branch falling onto your home or your road, and causing real damage. That is why it is vital to have your trees pruned right now. Not only will it improve the health of your tree, it can potentially protect your property as well.  And if you have trees that are in terrible shape, whether due to winter storms or health issues, you may need to have the tree removed, to keep your property safe.

Got mulch?

Having a thin layer of mulch put on your tree’s roots can also make a difference in the winter, acting as a “sweater” to protect your tree against extreme winter temperatures. Put the mulch on in fall or early winter.

Wrap your trees

With some trees, especially young ones, you may want to wrap the base of the tree to prevent damage. Using a plastic or metal guard can prevent animal damage, while burlap or plastic can protect against cold temperatures.

Contact your Lawn Doctor professional

Your local Lawn Doctor expert can help get your trees ready for winter with whatever preparation you need, from watering to mulch. Why not get started on this today, while you are thinking about it?

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