Winterizing Your Lawn Mower for Storage With Lawn Doctor

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Properly store your lawn mower for the winter to keep it in top-notch shape for spring. By “winterizing” your mower, you’ll help it run more smoothly and efficiently when you need it next year. Remember a lawn mower that is not operating at peak performance can do more harm than good. One of the best ways to maintain your lawn mower and keep it running at peak performance is to winterize. Lawn mowers will last longer with some extra care and proper lawn mower storage.

How to Winterize a Lawn Mower

Here are suggested tips for how to winterize a lawn mower and keep it ready for spring. These are the winter lawn mower maintenance tasks you’ll need to accomplish before you put your mower into storage:

  • Change the oil, clean the air filter, and replace the spark plug. Like cars, lawn mowers need regular maintenance to run properly.
  • Sharpen the mower blades to keep them running correctly. This is critically important, as dull blades will tear the grass and often lead to disease.
  • Winterize your lawn mower’s fuel system to keep it fresh. You can add a stabilizer which can prevent carburetor clogs, or you can drain the gasoline from the tank. These steps can keep the engine healthy and ready to mow. Make sure you take proper safety precautions when working with fuel.
  • Make sure all nuts and bolts on the lawn mower are screwed on tightly. It’s better to check now instead of having the machine potentially break while mowing next year.
  • Clean and wax your mower to prevent corrosion and keep it looking its best.
  • Read your operator’s manual to learn about any other services your mower might need or potential hazards to avoid.

These are the key steps to winterize lawn mowers to ensure they stay in better condition and run smoothly year after year. After your lawn mower is winterized, keep it in a safe storage space to protect it from harsh seasonal conditions. Lawn mower storage spaces can be anything from a protected garage to a separate storage unit or shed. The key to lawn mower storage is to make sure the space doesn’t get too cold or wet. 

If these winter lawn mower maintenance tasks seem like too much to handle on your own, your local Lawn Doctor can help.  Contact your local Lawn Doctor professional today to schedule an appointment for lawn mower maintenance.*

* Franchises are independently owned and operated.  Services vary by location.Mowing services are not offered by Lawn Doctor.

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