Why You Should Get Rid of Leaves On Your Lawn

Leaves are a symbol of fall – there is a reason Frank Sinatra’s song “Autumn Leaves” is a classic. At this time of year, people like to go see fall foliage, decorate with leaf-colored items, and play in the leaves.

But as fun as romping in the leaves can be, or looking at the fall leaves in the trees, picking up the leaves in your yard is not quite as fun. It is however, an integral part of good lawn care and maintenance. So cheap what do you need to know about picking up fall leaves and the effect it can have on your lawn? Here are a few tips:

Get the leaves off your lawn on a regular basis

There are several reasons why removing the leaves from your lawn is so important to its success and why it should be done at least once a week. The first is that it is healthier for your lawn to do so.  Leaves lying on your lawn will block out sunlight, and potentially hurt the life of your lawn. The second is that the more you procrastinate on getting rid of the leaves, the longer it will take, and a bigger job it will be. So make it your goal to eradicate the leaves once a week.

In fact, when it comes to removing the leaves from your yard, the expert professionals at Lawn Doctor suggest:

“When leaves start falling, blow or rake the yard clean once per week at minimum. Making sure your yard is free of leaves not only improves appearance, but influences the health of your yard. Leaves block out sunlight, which your lawn needs in the fall as it stores up food for winter dormancy.”

No matter the reason it is clear that keeping leaves off of your lawn, is an essential part of proper lawn care and maintenance.

If you have the leaves blown off your yard, be considerate

There are a variety of ways to remove the leaves off your lawn. One is by raking, using your own elbow grease and energy to get the leaves off your lawn. Another way is by using a leaf blower or some other gas or electric device to pick up leaves – there are a slew of such technological items out there. A leaf blower is arguably the quickest way to clear your lawn of leaves. But please use the leaf blower – or have a professional use the leaf blower – only in the afternoon or very late morning.  You do not want to tick off your neighbors by waking them up on Saturday morning to the dulcet tones of a leaf blower.

Make it a Family Event

You may remember jumping on a pile of leaves on your lawn when you were a kid. If you have, why not continue the memories by making leaf-raking fun? Challenge your kids who can rake the most leaves, and then put them in a pile before you dispose of them. By doing so, you cannot just get rid of leaves, you can make memories for your children.