Pest Control

Perimeter Pest and Lawn Insect Control  

Pest control services from Lawn Doctor are aimed at ridding the perimeter of your house of all sorts of bugs, including ants, crickets, spiders and various multi-legged pests.  Lawn Doctor’s pest removal services reduce bugs from your home’s exterior and foundation. Our Perimeter Pest Control Services Program will build a protection barrier with treatment of your home’s foundation and edges. Even if you don’t know what the creepy-crawlies are exactly, our lawn pest services will help decrease them and make sure they do not come back. 

Lawn insect control and perimeter pest defense is quite safe. There is no need for treatment inside your home.  You do not even have to be there when we perform our pest service.

Lawn Doctor’s Pest and Insect Control Services Can Improve Your Family’s Health

Our pest removal services can make your home a healthier place.  Plenty of pests are not just scary or annoying but can actually be detrimental to your family’s health, as well as your pets.  These pests could cause an allergic reaction from a bite or sting. They may even carry disease that could sicken you.  Insects can also cause a lot of property damage, destroying books, documents, furniture, drapes and food.  

Lawn Pests and Insect Control Services Help Get Rid Of:

  • Ants
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Crickets
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Clover mites
  • Sowbugs
  • Non-nesting carpenter ants

Perimeter Pest Control Services Maintainer Program

Whether the pests are on the lawn or beginning to invade your home, we can address the problem with our Maintainer program for pest control.  During each visit, we will inspect your property and offer recommendations for fixing conditions that help result in pest infestations.  Our Pest services start with a free evaluation and continue with inspection, diagnosis and pest treatment over several sessions.

Perimeter Pest Control Service Inspection

Lawn Doctor’s local pest professionals start by thoroughly inspecting the outside of your house, identifying places where insects could get into your home and conditions in the environment that could result in infestations. 

We apply a broad spectrum control to the foundation and perimeter of your house, paying special attention to areas around windows, doorways and other entry points.  Our lawn pest services treat areas including ground covers, mulch and shrubbery where pests could be hiding.

Lawn Doctor professionals also remove spider webs from windows and doorways.Our experts know which insects are most likely to be in your area. When we have finished our inspection, we will recommend additional steps you can take beyond our pest and insect control treatments including:

  • Shifting firewood piles away from the house
  • Sealing up cracks around doors and windows
  • Cleaning up areas where garbage is left
  • Identifying origins of excessive moisture in the foundation (such as a downspout that is poorly directed)

Make sure to seal entry points around the home and eliminating places where insects may harbor is key to controlling future infestations.  Your local Lawn Doctor is the right choice when looking at lawn pest companies.

Targeted Pest Control Services

Target bugs before they threaten your home with Lawn Doctor’s lawn insect control.  Plenty of bugs may live and breed in your lawn before trying to get inside your home. Check out our Lawn and Yard Custom Care pages for more lawn and pest services.

Lawn Doctor’s Pest Control Guarantee

If any of our Lawn Care Applications fail to satisfy you, let us know.  As your Lawn Doctor franchise that is operated locally, we will come back and reapply the treatment at no extra cost or give you a refund for the entire cost of the last treatment. 

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