Lawn Care Tips for Fort Collins: Getting Geared Up for Spring 

Spring is here and proper lawn care means more than just putting your mower to work. As experts in local lawn care in Fort Collins, CO for the past 35 years, Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins knows the right care this season can make or break your lawn for summer. While it will take some effort, it will be well worth it in the end with a summer-time lawn that looks healthy and strong, and feels great underfoot.

To help you get there, here are 6 tips for spring lawn care in Fort Collins:

#1: Clean up your lawn. Pick up any large branches or twigs in your lawn, and also gently rake up leaf piles and other debris. There is no need to power rake or “de-thatch” your lawn.  A light raking with a leaf rake will help get some of the dead grass off the top, but a hard tined rake will damage the tender young shoots as they emerge.

#2: Loosen matted grass. During winter, lawns in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado can develop symptoms of snow mold, caused by long periods of snow cover. To minimize the affects of the fungus, lightly rake the area to fluff up the grass and allow air and light to circulate. No fungus treatment is recommended and the area will usually recover fully in a couple of weeks.

#3: Aerate. A core aeration will help loosen our compacted clay soils allowing air, water, and fertilizer to penetrate to the root zone. For best results, the soil should be moistened prior to aerating. Spring and Fall are the best time to aerate.

dandelion blowing in wind treated by spring lawn care in Fort Collins#4: Thicken your turf. Seeding sounds like a big job, but really, it doesn’t have to be. Whether your lawn is thinning overall, or simply has some bare spots, cultivate the soil by raking it and then apply a good dose of high-quality seed to thicken up turf.

#5: Fertilize your lawn. At Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins, we know that spring is an ideal time for fertilization as grass recovers from an arduous Colorado winter. Just make sure you take a gentle approach, providing a light feeding at this tender time of the year. Go for heavier applications in fall when grass is heartier.

#6: Stop aggressive weeds. Don’t let weeds assault your lawn later in the spring and summer. An application of a pre-emergent product now will help prevent crabrass seed from geminating and avoid ugly infestations later in the summer. Broadleaf weeds can also be spot treated at his time.

Get More Tips from the Source for Local Lawn Care in Fort Collins

If you’d like to learn more about spring-time lawn care and get expert help with the job, call in Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins. Customers in Fort Collins, Timnath, Wellington, Laporte and other nearby areas regularly rely on us for high-quality lawn care services, valuable tips, and guidance, and outstanding results in the form of healthier, greener grass.

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