Insect & Disease Control in Fort Collins, CO

Pests can wreak havoc on your trees. They can cause them to droop, get weak and brittle, have sad looking leaves, and even die. Often you can’t even see the pests affecting your trees and shrubs. With Colorado’s tough, dry seasons and harsh, changeable winters, your trees can be under a lot of stress and, therefore, are susceptible to pests. Lawn Doctor tree experts of Fort Collins, CO can identify exactly what is affecting your trees and the best way to treat them. Then our certified arborists will come out and treat your trees and remove the problem. Ask about our tree and shrub pest treatment and prevention the next time you call us.

Three inspect and treat visits

Starting in may, our licensed arborists inspect your landscape and treat as needed for common insects and disease problems. The applications are spaced 5-7 weeks apart, depending on the weather.

Specialty Sprays for Fort Collins, CO

Certain insects can only be treated at specific times of the life cycle during the year. Every landscape is different so each property may have specific needs. Our licensed arborists will recommend a specialty service only if there is an actual need.

Our specialty treatments include:

  • Ash/Lilac and Emerald Ash Borers
  • Cooly Spruce Gall
  • Fruit Tree Program
  • Mountain Pine Bark Beetle
  • Systemic Soil Injections
  • Zimmerman Moth