Revive ® from Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins

Revive® is a soil wetting agent developed for Colorado that allows water to better penetrate into hard-to-wet soils. In Colorado, our clay soils make it difficult for water to penetrate the lawn’s roots. Hot, dry summer weather and heavy thatch make it even more difficult to maintain adequate water levels. With better water absorption, there is less pooling, run off and erosion on hills and slopes.

This 100% Organic Natural granular application will benefit your lawn in the following ways:photo of revive soil agent

  • Add organic matter to the soil
  • Allow water to better absorb and be retained in soils
  • Help conserve water by increasing water efficiency
  • Reduce pooling, run off and evaporation
  • Help water penetrate through thatch layer
  • Add supplemental nutrients

Price based on individual square footage. Price starts at $62.

Available June-October

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