Lawn Aeration in Fort Collins, CO

lawn aeration in fort collinsIf you are looking for one single treatment service that can really help your lawn, then core aeration is your answer. Along the Front Range of Colorado, our natural soil mostly consists of rocky, dense clay. This tough stuff doesn’t absorb water and important nutrients, leaving you with sickly grass with shallow root systems. You can loosen that thick, heavy soil and see a healthier lawn throughout the entire growing season with core aeration service done in the spring and fall.

Your Fort Collins lawn will benefit by:

  • Improved water absorption
  • Reduced thatch
  • Allowing air to the root zone
  • Encouraging stronger roots for thicker turf
  • Increased effectiveness of fertilizer
  • Enhanced drought stress tolerance

Core aeration can be performed in the spring or fall, and its benefits are boundless. This process not only loosens the soil for better root growth and oxygen, but it also gives additives and natural nutrients a better chance to help your lawn stay vibrant longer. Because core aeration allows your sod to soak up water more efficiently, it also prevents runoff-letting you get more out of each drop you put into your lawn. Core aeration is a great supplement to our Lawn Maintainer program giving each application the most potential to do the most for your lawn.

Average Fort Collins lawn aeration price is $50 to $75.


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