Lawn Aeration in Fort Collins, CO

If you are looking for one single treatment service that can really help your Northern Colorado lawn, then core aeration is your answer. Along the Front Range, our natural soil mostly consists of rocky, dense clay. This tough stuff doesn’t absorb water and important nutrients, leaving you with sickly grass with shallow root systems. Regular aeration will loosen that thick, heavy soil making the grass healthier from root to tip.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of loosening soil to help air, water, and nutrients get to the grass roots. As a result, the lawn becomes healthier and stronger. There are two kinds of aeration – spike and core. A spike aerator punches holes in the soil to create passageways for nutrients. Core aerators are much more effective, however. Without causing any damage to existing grasses, core aerators remove plugs of soil from the lawn, opening channels that allow the life-sustaining substances to more efficiently reach and be absorbed by the root structure. Core aerators are large machines that require skill to use properly.

Why is Aeration Important? Grass cannot survive without air, water, and nutrients. When deprived of these necessities grasses can shrivel up and die. No matter what type of soil you have or how frequently you use your yard, your lawn needs to be aerated periodically.

Benefits of Core Aeration:

  • Improved water absorption
  • Reduced thatch
  • Improved air circulation to the root zone
  • Stronger roots for thicker turf
  • Increased effectiveness of fertilizer
  • Enhanced drought stress tolerance

Because core aeration allows your sod to soak up water more efficiently, it also prevents runoff-letting you get more out of each drop you put into your lawn. Core aeration is a great supplement to our Lawn Maintainer Program giving each application the potential to do the most for your lawn.  We offer core aerations in Spring and Fall, and the benefits are boundless.

Lawn Aeration price starts at $75

Our local lawn care professionals have what it takes to free up breathing room for your grass and help your yard look more attractive than ever before. Call now to secure your spot on our aeration schedule. 970.221.0441