Weed Identification & Control in Fort Collins, Colorado

dandelion blowing in windYou want to be able to enjoy your lush, green lawn, without unsightly weeds taking up your view & eating up your lawn’s nutrients. That is why proper weed control is a critical part of having a great lawn you can enjoy.

Why lawn weed control matters

  • A weed is simply an unwanted plant that can grow in your lawn, your garden, or any place with dirt on your property.
  • The more weeds you have, the less room there is for your lawn to grow. These weeds spread throughout the landscape & can do extensive damage if not treated the right way.

The two main types of lawn weeds

Generally speaking, weeds that appear on lawns in the United States fall into two main categories: 1.Broadleaf weeds & 2.Grassy weeds.

Broadleaf weeds generally have wider leaves & include weeds like dandelion, purslane, & clover. Some broadleaf weeds may flower, & look like pretty plants, the way dandelions, wild violet, & thistle do, but don’t let them fool you. These weeds can become invasive quickly if not regularly treated with herbicides or hand pulled at the root.

picture of crabgrassThe second type of weed is the grassy weed, such as crabgrass. One of the problems with grassy weeds is that they grow under the very same conditions as regular grass, so treating your lawn could inadvertently end up growing the weeds as well. A pre-emergent is recommended in early Spring.

Annual vs. perennial weeds

One size does not fit all when it comes to weed prevention & removal. That is because weeds can either be:

  • Annual – growing season is one year or less
  • Perennial – weeds continue over multiple seasons.

dandelions blowing in windGenerally speaking, annual weeds start with a seed brought into your lawn via birds, or the wind, or even yourself. These annual weeds can grow multiple times in one year.


Perennial weeds establish roots in your lawn, & can last for multiple seasons. Getting rid of them can be tough, because they need to be treated or removed entirely, including the full roots, or they will just keep on growing.

Different weeds grow in different seasons

Just like lawns, weeds can fall into cool-season & warm-season types, growing best during certain times of year.

As there are literally hundreds of different kinds of weeds, effective treatments will vary. There is no one set time that works for all weeds & multiple weed control treatments throughout the growing season are recommended.

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