Why Choose Our Annual Fertilization & Weed Control Program?

Lawn care is about more than just mowing the grass when it gets too long. If you want a healthy lawn, fertilization and weed control are critical. Yet, delivering it can be a hassle and a challenge.  Developing the right plan for your yard’s specific needs can get complicated quickly, which is why so many homeowners in the Fort Collins area turn to Lawn Doctor for help.Our Annual Lawn Care Program will help your grass maintain its lush texture and rich green color, by making it healthier, and eliminating weeds and preventing the appearance of crabgrass. A lawn that is properly maintained and robust will also help in the prevention of diseases and pest infestations.


What Can You Expect?

When you sign-up for our 5 application Annual Lawn Care Program our local experts will:

  • Determine what type of turf and weeds are in your landscape.
  • Choose the best fertilizer and weed control for your lawn’s custom needs.
  • Calculate the precise amounts necessary for responsible, even application.
  • Schedule 5 applications of enriched fertilizer and broad leaf weed control (every 5-7 weeks) to coincide with critical points during the growing season.
  1. Early Spring *includes crabgrass pre-emergent
  2. Late Spring
  3. Early Summer
  4. Late Summer
  5. Fall
  • Monitor your turf for drought stress, disease and insect infestation.

The best yards look the best because of the professional, consistent attention they receive from Lawn Doctor. You can leave the heavy lifting to us, because our Annual Lawn Care Program will ensure a lush, green lawn you can be proud of.

*Spring application begins Late February/Early March.
*All applications are weather permitting.

If you’re not 100% satisfied — we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.*

At Lawn Doctor, we’re committed to the very best in lawn care, tree care & pest control. We’ve worked hard to distinguish ourselves from other landscape companies, and we do all that we can to stand by our work and our clients.

In the event that you are unsatisfied with your last treatment from Lawn Doctor, we ask that you call us and let us know as quickly as possible. Our experts will either return and reapply that application at no additional charge or refund the full cost of your last application.

*Lawn Doctor is not responsible for damage that is out of its control, such as that caused by heat stress, dog “spots” or a lawn that’s been mowed too short (which can cause brown or bare-looking spots, weakened or dead grass or a lawn more vulnerable to weeds and disease).