PrePay & Save!

Pre-pay for any 2021 service & get 3% off.

Offer expires 3/15/2021

50% off 1st service with Annual Program:
  • 5-application Lawn Program (Regular & Natural)
  • 3-4-application Tree & Shrub Program
  • 5-application Weed Control Program (On & Off Lawn)
  • 7-application Mosquito Control Program (Regular & Natural)
  • 5-application Perimeter Pest Control Program
  • 4-application Fruit Tree Program

New sales only. Not to be combined with other offers. 1 discount per property

Current Customer Referral Program

Refer a friend and we’ll send you a $25 check when they sign-up for any

Annual Lawn Care, Tree Care, or Pest Control Program.

1 check per new customer.

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