Tree Care in Fort Collins, CO

certified arborist checking trees and shrubsAs Fort Collins residents, we love our trees and shrubs. As a matter of fact, we’re famous for them! Show the love by keeping your landscape green and healthy.

Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins combines over 30 years of local ownership with that of locally trained, experienced technicians and certified arborists to offer plant health care services that keep your trees and shrubs thriving. With Lawn Doctor, you can be confident that your valuable trees and shrubs are in good hands.

From March through October, we come out to your property to monitor, detect and treat insects and diseases. We also offer deep root feeding and systemic treatments to help your landscape flourish in our clay soils and extreme climates. The more frequent our visits, the better chance of preventing problems and keeping your yard looking its best.

Of particular concern is the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). Since its arrival in Boulder in 2013, that city alone has lost hundreds of ash trees. All untreated ash trees will eventually die; however preventative treatment plans are over 90 percent effective in protecting your valuable ash trees. Call us today to make sure your trees are protected!

Meet Hunter, Alan, Marc & Scott: Our Certified Arborists

Hunter Higdon, our Tree Care Division manager, is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist and has been with Lawn Doctor since 2006. Hunter holds an associate’s degree in Horticulture, has a qualified supervisor’s license from the Colorado Department of Agriculture and is certified in Tree Risk Assessment.

Alan Epperson is one of Northern Colorado’s most experienced and respected arborists, and has over 30 years’ of experience keeping Fort Collins trees healthy. Alan works closely with Colorado State University and the City of Fort Collins Forester to monitor disease and insect infestations in our urban forest. Alan has been with Lawn Doctor since 2004.

Marc Mesi leads Lawn Doctor’s pruning crew and works seasonally with the Plant Health Care Department. Marc is ISA certified, and has been with Lawn Doctor since 2005.

Scott Burnham has his ISA certification as well as an associate degree in Landscape Horticulture. His nursery and greenhouse background is an in valuable asset to our team and our customers. Scott has been with Lawn Doctor since 2011.

Our Tree Care Division Team

Marc, Kevin, Josh, Hunter, Scott, Thaddius, Jack

Plant Health Care Program & Preventative Services

We don’t believe in wilted leaves, ugly bushes, sad shrubberies, or droopy trees. We keep them healthy with our Fort Collins tree care programs and preventative services. Just like our Lawn Maintainer services, we offer both single applications and full service programs, so you can fit a plant health care plan into your budget.

In early spring, we recommend treating your trees with horticultural oil for your first service. This process will help smother mites, scale and other pest’s eggs on your precious trees. Subsequent treatments include inspect and treat visits for a plethora of insect and disease infestations. Deep Root Fertilization is done in the spring and fall months to add important nutrients to our poor soils.

Most services start at $69 per application and are adjusted according to your landscape’s needs.

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Free Tree Care & Shrub Evaluation

If you’re tired of facing trees and shrub cares alone, call Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins for a free evaluation. Our arborists can identify almost anything affecting your trees, from lack of pruning, to drought stress to pest infestation and many other problems. Call us today and we can come out and assess your trees to ensure their health for many years to come.