Winter Watering Program

hands holding tree needlesWhy use a Winter Watering Program

  • Your trees & shrubs require 1/4″ of water a week during the winter
  • Late Nov-Early March in Northern Colorado is filled with erratic weather including windy, warm, dry periods
  • Evergreens do not go dormant (drop their needles) during the winter & need continuous water.
  • Lack of proper winter moisture damages root systems resulting in plant injury or death.
  • Drought stressed trees & shrubs are susceptible to disease & insect infestation

Don’t feel like dragging out the hose? No problem.

Let our friendly & professional tree division assess your landscape for proper moisture levels & apply water accordingly.

  • If it’s dry, we’ll come by
  • If there’s enough snow, we won’t go.
  • It’s that simple
  • Water Application 1 – Late November/December
  • Water Application 2 – January/Early February
  • Water Application 3 – February/ Early March

guy watering lawn with lawn hose

calendar nov to march Winter Wating Program includes (3) Applications of water to desired plantings, as needed

*Price based on amount of trees & shrubs serviced*

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