The Advantage and Importance of Using a Yard Care Service in Boston

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing yard care service in BostonWhen you look out over your lawn, you might only view it as a sea of green. But in reality, your grass is hard at work, 24/7. As yard care service experts in the Boston, MA area, Lawn Doctor of Boston knows that not only is it growing, it’s also having a big impact on the local environment. That’s why it’s so important to keep yours healthy and strong with help from a professional team. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from partnering with us:

  • Cleaner air. Grass plants release air into the environment, while at the same time removing carbon dioxide. In addition, they’re also busy trapping dust, allergens, and pollutants, acting as a filter that improves outdoor air quality. This makes it easier for you and your family to breathe outside.
  • Cooler temperatures. Grass is nature’s air conditioner. It cools the temperatures around your home by absorbing heat from the sun. In fact, when compared to temperatures on nearby asphalt or concrete, your lawn can actually be around 10-14 degrees cooler. Not only does this make your yard more comfortable, but also means less air conditioning is needed inside.
  • Healthier water. With a strong, dense root system, your lawn can stabilize the soil, cutting down on runoff and erosion that occurs from wind and rain. At the same time, roots also strain out pollutants from the water as moisture moves through them, improving groundwater quality.
  • Less noise. Traffic and neighborhood noise can cut into your outdoor enjoyment. But did you know your grass can actually absorb some of it, providing a more pleasant atmosphere for you and your family? In fact, thick, lush grass acts like insulation, soaking in sounds – up to 10 decibels – from many sources.

Boston’s Choice for Yard Care Service: Get Started Today!

Clearly, your lawn is more than just green grass around your home. When it’s healthy and strong, it provides the above benefits and many others to your family, your community, and the environment. But taking advantage of them isn’t always easy with a busy schedule. That’s where yard care service from Lawn Doctor of Boston can help. We will carefully assess your lawn and tailor a personalized plan to get it into top shape. As a result, it will work harder for you in a variety of ways.

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