Lawn Fertilization in Boston

Man wearing shirt with green thumb logo showing lawn fertilization in Boston

While fertilizing your lawn is critically important to its overall health, it’s also tricky to get right. Too much can harm your lawn, not to mention the environment. In addition, if you don’t deliver it evenly across your turf, then you’ll see inconsistent growth that looks sloppy. Instead, leave the lawn fertilization to the local team trusted across Boston, MA. At Lawn Doctor of Boston, we know when to fertilize, what products to use, and how to best deliver them so you can achieve a yard that’s consistently green and beautiful, from the ground up.

About Our Lawn Fertilization Services

We know effective fertilization takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Many factors need to be considered to perform the job properly. For instance, your lawn type, grass species, yard size, and soil quality all play a role in the nutritional needs of your lawn. That’s why our services are always customized to every lawn we care for. We’ll carefully assess your property, identify its fertilization needs, and develop a plan and schedule that can bring out its best.

Throughout our work, we use slow-release, nutrient-enriched materials to nourish your lawn. These not only deliver life-giving minerals, but do so in a way that’s slow and steady over time, rather than in a rush. Our state-of-the-art Turf Tamer® application equipment is designed with ground-metered technology to apply these products evenly across your lawn and in the correct amounts. That means you don’t have to worry about spotty growth. Instead, you can expect a stronger root system, lusher, greener grass, and boosted natural defenses against weeds, pests, and diseases.

In addition, if you’d prefer a completely eco-friendly approach to fertilization, Lawn Doctor of Boston can help there as well. We can use products that are made from plants and animal waste, offering a 100% natural option for feeding your lawn and keeping it healthy and strong.

Ongoing Lawn Fertilization Programs

If you want the best results from fertilization, Lawn Doctor of Boston always recommends an ongoing, annual solution. We can give it through Lawn Maintainer, our program for regular fertilization and weed control. With it, your lawn will receive between four and six green lawn applications during the year. As a result, it will get what it needs to stay healthy and stand strong against aggressive broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Our lawn fertilization services are counted on by customers throughout Boston and in many surrounding communities, such as Metro West, Framingham, Newton, Milton, Dedham, Braintree, Weymouth, and Quincy. Call (781) 826-2920 today to learn more through a free, on-site consultation.