Core Aeration & Overseeding

Sparse, tough ground that won’t grow grass, or even just a few stubborn areas in an otherwise healthy yard? Your lawn will benefit from Lawn Doctor’s core aeration and overseeding services, which loosen up this tough ground, allow better airflow and nutrient absorption, and give you the grass you’ve been waiting for. With core aeration and overseeding, you can bring new, lush life into even your oldest, most barren problem areas.


What is Core Aeration, and what is Overseeding?

Core aeration is a stronger way of disrupting hard, compacted soil. During core aeration, our machine pulls compacted soil and thatch plugs up from the ground instead of just punching holes into the lawn. Thatch is a layer of plant matter buildup in the soil that can restrict and choke out healthy grass when too thick. So, it’s essential it be broken up or removed for proper airflow and nutrient absorption. For best results in areas in need of extra help, double or more aeration can be performed.


Overseeding is when seed is applied generously to these areas, creating better seed-to-soil contact and giving the seeds the best chance at germination.This will also help to build density in your grass. Overseeding is supplementary to core aeration, but even already grassy lawns can benefit from the extra reinforcement provided by overseeding. Both core aeration and overseeding will give your lawn the strength it needs to survive future stressors, like light foot traffic or drought.


Benefits to Core Aeration and Overseeding include:

  • Lush, green grass in areas you once thought hopeless of ever showing life
  • Better use of water and fertilizer, guaranteed to reach the root system of your grass
  • Improved drainage and no pooling of water on compacted soil
  • An overall stronger and healthier lawn to enjoy

When to choose Core Aeration and Overseeding

If the soil in your lawn does not grow grass well and appears barren, stiff, or dry, you will benefit from core aeration and overseeding services. At Lawn Doctor, our services are backed by a no nonsense guarantee, which means you can leave the heavy lifting to us. Our technicians are experts in spotting areas of your lawn that will benefit from core aeration and overseeding and determining the best course of action to bring them back to life.