Why Professional Lawn Care in Needham Makes All the Difference for Your Yard

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing professional lawn care in NeedhamGreen, lush grass that feels great underfoot doesn’t get there by chance. It’s the result of the right care and treatments. If you’d rather take a different approach this year and get help with the job, turn to Lawn Doctor of Boston. As one of the leaders in professional lawn care in and around Needham, MA, we can help you avoid guesswork and simply get a yard you love. Here’s how.

How Our Professional Lawn Care Helps Needham-Area Homeowners

Brown spots, weed problems, pest infestations. As professionals, Lawn Doctor of Boston has seen it all and knows how to identify these and other lawn care issues common across the Needham area. Not only that, but we also understand local grasses and how they grow; which pests, weeds, and diseases are on the rise; and the role the New England climate and growing seasons play in turf health. This extensive knowledge, combined with our industry-exclusive equipment, ensures your lawn will stay full and green throughout every season.

Some of our services include:

  • Turf care. From pH balancing to test the acidity and alkalinity of your soil to fertilization, aerating, seeding, and weed control, Lawn Doctor of Boston offers many options for professional care that will improve color, growth, and uniformity across your lawn.
  • Tree and shrub care. Those larger plantings around your home have a big impact on curb appeal. Keeping them healthy is therefore vital and with Lawn Doctor of Boston, we make it easy. Our Tree and Shrub Care program is especially designed for these plants with ongoing monitoring and regular fertilization combined with insect and disease control.
  • Seasonal plans. The best yard care is consistent. It’s why Lawn Doctor of Boston offers our Lawn Maintainer program, which includes a series of fertilization and weed control applications, timed at critical phases of the year. The result is a well-nourished and well-protected yard that’s less vulnerable to pests, weeds and diseases.

Call for a Free, Professional Lawn Care Consultation

At Lawn Doctor of Boston, we can bring out your yard’s full potential. We know what your turf needs at which stages of the growing season and can provide it all in a plan that’s not only completely customized, but also works for your budget too. It’s the Lawn Doctor of Boston way and why so many homeowners from Needham to Newton consistently choose us for professional lawn care.

Call Lawn Doctor of Boston today at (781) 826-2920 to set up your free consultation and learn more about our professional lawn care offered in Needham, Metro West, Framingham, Newton, Milton, Dedham, Braintree, Weymouth, and Quincy.